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    The month of June had two big events to point to, the first was the wiki switchover to its own server, and the second was the completion of the Art as Being project “Being in Time; Being as Time. Pema and Eliza had a theme session on ‘Watching Time’, and the Dream Circle continues to meet the last Wednesday of the month. Pema shared his 100 day play with us via email. We have our guardian sessions every Sunday morning slt, and the working group meets every two weeks, and we welcomed a new guardian this month. The Art Museum in Bieup is an very dynamic place, with frequent exhibits. Liza continues meditation meetings, and Yakuzza  hosts a voice hour before his PaB session. In June, I also interviewed Wester Kiranov for the chronicles.

    Thank you so much everybody!!

    June Wiki Switchover - On June 4th, the Play as Being wiki left it’s home on the server, and found a new home on it’s own server. Thankfully all of the data arrived safe and sound.

    The transition was completed with very few glitches from the experience of regular wiki users (like myself!!)… but only as the result of many, many hours of work and dedication!!  Fael wrote the script that transferred all the pages to the new wiki. Calvino coordinated the transfer and scheduling, kept all the balls rolling,and added features to the wiki to ease its usability. Many individuals were in frequent communication about various wiki issues.

    Theme Sessions -

    2010.06.21 14:00 - "Being in/as Time" photography project : Bleu Oleander
    (see Art as Being section below)
    2010.06.25 07:00 - Theme Session: Watching Time : Pema/Eliza


    Art as Being - June 2010 included the dynamic display of photographs taken by Play as Being guardians on this months theme. Seventeen guardians submitted photos for display. Nineteen avatars attended the special session, under the wonderful dome that Storm created to house this Art as Being photography exhibition.

    Please also see: 2010.06.21 14:00 BEING AS TIME - Special Session for the discussion of exhibit entries and pictures of the pictures under Storm's dome and of the group.



    I made this picture for this chronicle, and included every photograph that was displayed by guardians under the dome. The artists of the photographs, from left to right, # signifying placement, starting at the top were: Agatha MacBeth (1), Bleu Oleander (2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Calvino Rabeni (7), Eden Haiku (8), Eliza Madigal (9, 10), Fael Illyar (11, 12), Gaya Ethaniel (13), Liza Deischer (14, 15), Lucinda Lavender (16), Mickorod Renard (17), Paradise Tennant (18, 19), Pema Pera (20), SophiaSharon Larnia (21), Stevenaia Michinaga (22), Storm Nordwind (23, 24, 25, 26), Wol Euler (27), and Zen Arado (28).

    A great thing about the new wiki is you can click on the picture to make it much bigger (the original file size), and get a good look at these photos (and can now upload .gif files).

    Dream Circle -

    2010.06.23 07:00 - June Dream Circle: Dao/Eliza/Gaya/Lucinda/Pema

    Pema’s 100 Day Play - Pema wrote Day 41, Day 50, and Day 60 via email to the guardian group, which I’ve placed on his page here: Pema’s 100 day Play

    Art Museum in Bieup - News via email 06/06/10 by Adams Rubble -

    The exhibit "Narrative Art", which was supposed to end June 5, is being held over for one more week through June 13. If you have not yet seen the exhibit, this is one last chance. Then it will removed and a short-lived and brief exhibit called "Solstice: will be there until June 30. The Art History workshop will meet there on June 20. Beginning in July, a "Looking at Architecture" exhibit will be installed in the great hall.


                                            Narrative Art Exhibit.jpg

                                            Solstice Workshop.jpg

    Guardian Interviews - In June I interviewed Wester Kiranov, please see it here: B. Wester Kironov

    Weekly Guardian Sessions -

    2010.06.06 08:00 - Guardian Session: Art,Thanks, & Happy Birthday Wol
    2010.06.13 08:00 - Guardian Session: Tangled Up in Bleu
    2010.06.20 08:00 - Guardian Session: Textures, Viewpoints, & Intimate Topics
    2010.06.27 08:00 - Guardian Session: Balancing on the Logs

    Working Group -

    2010.06.08 1400 Working Group Minutes
    2010.06.22 1400 - Working Group Minutes

    June Guardians - Cosmicflower Ushimawa became a guardian this month. <3 Sophia Placebo left the group.

    June Scribes -  Adams Rubble, Agatha MacBeth, Calvino Rabeni, Eliza Madrigal, and SophiaSharon Larnia. 


    I placed a bookcase that contains all of the scribes in the Five Bells Pub on June 3rd, so people can sit in the pub and read, if they wish. 


    You can't see the bookcase up close in this picture, for that, visit the pub. ^^

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