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    Time Sessions - In the month of July, Pema started writing chapters for his book “Exploring the Magic of Time“. Starting July 2nd, participants meet every Friday at 6am, one hour before the regular 7 am session. During these Time Sessions, we discuss our Weekly Reports after practicing the exercises, and concepts in the book.

    Theme Sessions -

    2010.07.07 07:00 - Being? What Being?
    2010.07.15 13:00 - Theme session: What does Play as Being mean to you?
    2010.07.22 13:00 - Theme session: "starting at the end"

    Art as Being - The pictures from the Being in/as Time project are archived, in preparation for the next project to be announced, and the large Dome with our pictures remain displayed in Bieup.

    Dream Circle -

    2010.07.28 07:00 - July Dream Circle

    Unrelated to this dream circle in particular, but attended by many pab guardians, on July 27th, guardian Fox Monacular presented an interdisciplinary project ‘The Other’ in the Kira Café, the announcement: "In this immersive augmented reality media installation we addressed an elusive liminal experience of felt presence phenomenon, creating a space for expression of intersubjective and extra-personal awareness. Inspired by dream phenomena and sleep paralysis, we tried to create conditions conductive for emergence of such experiences, while leaving enough room for creative imagination and immersion. This experiment is an attempt to bridge together scientific, aesthetic and phenomenological aspects of the felt presence phenomena, re-discovering it in its richness and creativity."

    Pema’s 100 Day Play - Pema’s series of emails before the retreat in Nova Scotia concluded.

    Day 70   Day 80   Day 90

    Art Museum in Bieup -

    Art Museum Exhibit  - Looking at Architecture (front).jpgOn July 7, 2010, Adams sent this message to the Play as Being group:

    A new museum is opening tomorrow (or today), July 8, in the Museum of Sacred Art called "Looking at Architecture" which kind of gets to the basics of one aspect of the museum. This exhibit is a bit off beat for this group but some might be interested, so here goes:

    The exhibition is in three parts but centers around the idea that virtual buildings are a kind of model. Wonderful models they are because we can explore them almost as we would explore a real life building.

    The first part of the exhibition presents the traditional tools we have to look at architecture when we can not actually visit a building. The visitor will see photographs, plans, a cutaway, section, elevation, models and isometrics of two important buildings of the twentieth century: Frank Llyod Wright's Edgar J. Kaufmann House, better known as Falling Water; and Mies van der Rohe's German Pavilion for the Barcelona Exposition of 1929. After viewing the materials here, the visitor will be able to teleport to the Second Life virtual building and compare their experience there with their experience in the museum here.

    The second part of the exhibit is a slide show of a variety of models and their uses. There are three Second Life models too. One of these is for the Museum of Sacred Art itself.

    We use our own museum as a lab to explore the client/architect relationship leading to the creation of a second life building. How might this experience differ from the creation of a Real Life building?


    I went in to take pictures, and don’t think I did this exhibit justice by taking just a few. Every corner has something special, and many items are on slide show; the pictures show only what was present at the moment of the photo.

    Art Museum Exhibit  - Looking at Architecture (back right).jpgArt Museum Exhibit  - Looking at Architecture (back left).jpg








    Weekly Guardian Sessions -

    2010.07.04 08:00 - Doppelganger (Guardian Session)
    2010.07.11 08:00 - 96 Tears (Guardian Session)
    2010.07.18 08:00 - Guardian Session: How Many Ways
    2010.07.25 08:00 - Guardian Session: Yaku Plays Pema on a Day Out of Time

    Working Group -

    2010.07.06 14:00 Meeting Minutes

    2010.07.20 14:00 Meeting Minutes

    July Guardians - The new guardians for July were Ewan Bonham and Bruce Mowbray   <3

    July Scribes: Adams Rubble, Agatha MacBeth, Calvino Rabeni, Eliza Madigal, and SophiaSharon Larnia.

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