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         Walking in the Dog Days

               (in the Northern Hemisphere)








    Nova Scotia Retreat -

    By Eos, an email to the group, in part:

    "Here's an update on "Real Life" Play as Being retreats 2010-08 Nova Scotia.

    Seven guardians recently attended the "Avatars in the Forest" retreat at Windhorse Farm, Nova Scotia, Canada. I think everyone there felt the close connection between being in the forest, appreciative forest practice, and Play as Being."

    I've scribed the retreat experiences just for the simple pleasure of it, the link is here:
    Nova Scotia Retreat Reports - a compilation


    Time Sessions - Pema Pera started writing and posting chapters of his book Exploring the Magic of Time in July 2010. The members of the time session group don’t need much time to acclimate themselves to the concepts and exercises in the chapters of the book Pema is writing. After all, many of us have been ‘playing’ together for a long time. The most powerful exploration for me personally for this month was that of “letting yourself be seen”.  The exercise for some can be disconcerting but enlightening. At any rate, this group is a new and very interesting development for Play as Being. In August, Pema wrote 02. Arising and 03. Magic, a Reality Check.

    Theme Sessions - There were no theme sessions for the month of August.

    Art as Being - Our pictures for the Being in/as Time project remain on display in Bieup.

    Dream Circle - The Dream Circle was changed to 2x month for August.

    2010.08.11 07:00 - August Dream Circle I
    2010.08.25 07:00 - August Dream Circle II

    Weekly Guardian Sessions -

    2010.08.01 08:00 - Dancing at Lughnasadh (Guardian Session)
    2010.08.08 08:00 - Two New Retreats Announced
    2010.08.15 08:00 - Guardian Session: Finer Grained Permissioning
    2010.08.22 08:00 - Guardian Session: Posting Logs, Poetry Sessions, & PaB Advanced Practices
    2010.08.29 08:00 - Guardian Session: Tips for New Hosts?2010.08.29 08:00 - Guardian Session: Tips for New Hosts?

    Guardian Interviews - Interviewed for the chronicles were Qt Core and Zen Arado.

    Working Group - The working group skipped one meeting due to 2 WG members being present at the Nova Scotia RL Retreat.

    2010.08.17 14:00 Meeting Minutes
    2010.08.31 14:00 Meeting Minutes

    August Guardians - Aphrodite MacBain became a guardian in August. <3

    August Scribes - The scribes for August were Adams Rubble, Calvino Rabeni, Agatha MacBeth and Eliza Madrigal.

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