A. September 2010

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    Magical Puzzles Of Being



    Artist of the photos, top left to bottom right: Agatha MacBeth (1), Aphrodite MacBain (2), Bleu Oleander (3,4), Bruce Mowbray (5), Eden Haiku (6,7), Eliza Madrigal (8), Eos Amaterasu (9), Lucinda Lavender (10, 11), Paradise Tennant (12), Qt Core (13), Riddle Sideways (14), Sophiasharon Larnia (15), Stevenaia Michigana (16), Storm Nordwind (17) and Zen Arado (18).

    Time Sessions - In September, Pema wrote chapters 04. Appreciation and chapter 05. Presence  of the book 'Exploring the Magic of Time'. See: Exploring the Magic of Time.  Also see the exploration reports at: Weekly Reports.

    Theme Sessions -

    2010.09.09 13:00 - Play as Being thru Software

    Poetry Session 2010.09.19 13:00 - The poetry reading
    See Scribe by Eliza on this theme! 19 - 21 Poetry

    Art as Being - Art as Being project: Being Puzzled -  Photos began to be displayed in the PaB Village Square Sept 13

    By Bleu by email:

    “Let’s explore concepts from the “Exploring the Magic of Time” Sessions using a
    “puzzle” or “game” theme for the photos.  Find a puzzle or game-themed location
    within Second Life or build your own puzzle or game set for your photo.  Photos
    can be about concepts from the  Time sessions, puzzling questions about time,
    the nature of time, appearance, experience, reality, etc.  Place a notecard with
    your photo and include a landmark if you like to your puzzle’s or game’s 
    location where the photo was taken.”

    See: 2010.09.01 - BEING PUZZLED

    A session was held October 3 about this exhibit, see: 2010.10.03 12:00 - BEING PUZZLED Special Session

    Dream Circle -

    2010.09.29 07:00 - September Dream Circle

    Art Museum in Bieup -

    By Adams by email (short excerpt):

    You are invited to Sunday's Art History Workshop on the Monastery of St. Catherine at Mount Sinai as well as a very temporary exhibit in the Museum of Sacred Art in conjunction with the workshop. The exhibit, off to the right of the entrance, in the Christian Wing, will last only for a week or two.

    The workshop will meet at the exhibit at 11:00 am Sunday and then all will tp to the Second Life version where the builder Ilike Fall may join us if able to log in from a conference. Adams Dubrovna will be leading a walking tour with commentary on the history, art and spiritual presence of the real life site and how well the builder has captured the spirit of that in the way the Second Life monastery is represented.

    Weekly Guardian Sessions -

    2010.09.05 08:00 - Guardian Session: Puzzles, Programming, Pink Hair, and Poems
    2010.09.12 08:00 - Guardian Session: Puzzled Scribes Catching Hopping Frogs
    2010.09.19 08:00 - Guardian Session: Fun, but the results are a little fuzzy
    2010.09.26 08:00 - A Haiky from Aphro (Guardian Session)

    Working Group -

    2010.09.14 14:00 Working Group Minutes
    2010.09.26 - Meeting Minutes

    September Guardians - There were no new guardians for the month of September.

    September Scribes - Adams Rubble, Eliza Madrigal (who did 5!!!), and Agatha MacBeth.

    At the end of September, Storm Nordwind started planning and discussing with Play as Being guardians about the consolidation of Play as Being and Kira land, and the movement of Kira to a new location to the west?? of the PaB village (in the Bieup and Mieum sims). More will be written in October's chronicle. :)

    In September the wiki was restructured and many tabs/items were moved.

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