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    There were large changes in the Kira Cafe and the Play as Being landscape in the month of October. Post made by Stom Nordwind: On the left from Kira Cafe: Play as Being Village, Art as being exhibition, Museum of Sacred Art, Five Bells pub, and on the right, Kuan Yin Terraces.

    The Kira café was moved out of the sky to the ground in the SE corner of the Mieum sim. The Village Hall was moved to the SW corner of the Bieup sim.
    Much of the other play as being land was sold. I was much relieved to see the common gathering areas have remained relatively the same, and the molecule sculpture was preserved. Storm has also added a balloon tour to the new layout of the land.

    Molecule in Sky.jpgStorm's  balloon.jpg






    Stuttgart Retreat -

    About the retreat location: 2010-10 Stuttgart, DE
    Retreat Reports: Retreat reports: Stuttgart 2010

    Time Sessions -

    Thinking about the time sessions, looking from a distance as one who has not been participating in discussions at PaB as I have previously, it seems there are less ‘theme’ session in the PaB group as whole, and almost less to ‘point to’ in regard to what the group is doing. When you read the chat logs, they are as vibrant as ever… there is nothing taken away from our discussions.


    Theme Sessions -


    2010.10.23  07:00 Theme session: Stuttgart Retreat reports


    Art as Being  -

    2010.10.03  12:00 SLT Art of Being Special Session - BEING PUZZLED


    Dream Circle -

    2010.10.27 07:00 - October Dream Circle


    Art Museum in Bieup -

    By Adams by email (a short excerpt):

    Theophany, Spiritual Light and the Transfiguration Exhibit
    The following may interest a few of you:
    Next Meeting October 17, 2010 - 11:00 am SLT

    (snip) In the October workshop, we will look more closely at the Transfiguration and “uncreated light”. How does this light relate to the divine or inner light as it appears in other traditions? How is it reflected in the iconography?


    Weekly Guardian Sessions -

    2010.10.03 08:00 - Guardian Session: Email Discussion Only
    2010.10.10 08:00 - Guardian Session
    2010.10.17 08:00 - Guardian Session: Linking to Emptiness is Highly Recommended
    2010.10.24 08:00 - Guardian Session: Namaste Lunatics & Turn Turn Turn


    Working Group -

    2010.10.12 14:00 Meeting Minutes
    Turnover of new members to the working group

    Hana Furlough, Aphrodite MacBain, Bruce Mowbray have replaced myself, and Bleu. Thank you so very much!!! Eliza Madrigal is still very involved in play as being organization, Eos Amaterasu, Calvino Rabeni and Storm Nordwind are also in the working group. See: Working Group


    October Guardians - Bolonath left the group


    October Scribes: Adams Rubble and Eliza Madrigal (who did 2).


    Guardian List taken off SL group list Nov 1.

    Quilty Bookmite
    Trevor Berensohn
    Dakini Rhoade
    Wol Euler
    Becka Finesmith
    Qt Core
    Myoko Fhang
    Bertam Jacobus
    Moon Fargis
    Lia Rikugun
    Hana Furlough
    Liza Dreischer
    Fox Manacular
    Vajra Raymaker
    Ewan Bonham
    Bolonath Crystal (left in Oct but still in list)
    Scathach Rhiadra
    Stim Morane
    Storm Nordwind
    Bleu Oleander
    Lucinda Lavender
    Reverielarke Wirtanen
    Adams Dubrovna
    Artemisia Svoboda
    Genesis Zhangsun
    Riddle Sideways
    Paradise Tennant
    Wester Kiranov
    Fefonz Quan
    Neela Blaisdale
    Susi Alcott
    Stevenaia Michinaga
    Arisia Vita
    Cosmicflower Ushimawa
    Caledonia Heron
    Dorje Bosatsu
    Gaya Ethaniel
    Myna Maven
    Fael Illyar
    Agatha MacBeth
    Adams Rubble
    SophiaSharon Larnia
    Solobill Laville
    Yakuzza Lethecus
    Calvino Rabeni
    Sky Szimmer
    Bruce Mowbray
    Aphrodite MacBain
    Pila Mulligan
    Strannik Zipper
    Arabella Ella
    Maxine Walden
    Tarmel Udimo
    Pema Pera
    Eden Haiku
    Zen Arado
    Geo Netizen
    Doug Sosa
    Adelene Dawner
    Corvuscorva Nightfire
    Eliza Madrigal
    Sylectra Darwin
    Pia Iger
    Mickorod Renard
    Kallie Kira
    Eos Amaterasu
    Quen Oh

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