C. November 2010

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    Time Sessions:

    Please see the Time Sessions page for more details. Pema wrote chapters 08. Play as Being, 09. Nothing Needed, and 10. Space, Time, Awareness in November.


    Theme Sessions: There were no theme sessions in the month of November.


    Art as Being: Participants in this art project  -- see picture to the right, top to bottom: - Aphrodite MacBain (1), Bleu Oleander (2,3), Bruce Mowbray (4), Eden Haiku (5), Eliza Madigal (6,7,8), Eos Amaterasu (9), Fefonz Quan (10), Mickorod Renard (11), Paradise Tennant (12), Sophiasharon Larnia (13), Stevenaia Michigana (14), Storm Nordwind (15), Wol Euler (16) and Zen Arado (17).

    2010.11.01 - DROP WHAT YOU HAVE ...

    Special Session 2010.11.14 Art of Being

    "Drop What You Have to See What You Are… As an Avatar”
    This project was complete with a lessons by guardians to other gurdains on how to do sl things like making skins and clothes.

    See a Wonderful! Website by Bruce Mowbray of the pictures made by guardians and of the guardians avatar artwork!!! Thank you so much Bruce!!:


    Also see Amazing! Videos made by Yakuzza Lethecus:

    http://de.xfire.com/video/3ad2e2/ , http://de.xfire.com/video/3ae3df/  ,  http://de.xfire.com/video/3ae3d9/  and http://de.xfire.com/video/3ae6d3/

     …short excepts from the end of the session when we were dancing,.. I’m the one floating <3

    I am blessed to be surrounded by so many talented people _/!\_


    Dream Circle:

    2010.11.24 07:00 - November Dream Circle


    Weekly Guardian Sessions

    2010.11.07 08:00 - Guardian Session: Instants of Authentic Being Shining Through the Chaos
    2010.11.14 08:00 - Guardian Session - Special Art of Being Session
    2010.11.21 08:00 - Guardian's Meeting
    2010.11.28 08:00 - Guardian Session: Slowing Down, Making Space, and Causing Trouble


    Working Group:

    2010.11.09 Working Group Meeting

    November Guardians: Archmage Atlantis <3


    November Scribes: The scribes for November were Adams Rubble and Eliza Madrigal.


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