D. December 2010

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    Happy Holidays everyone, and thank you for a wonderful year of Playing as Being!!! <3


    Time Sessions:

    Please see the Time Sessions page for more details. The Time group continued exploration from 10. Space, Time, Awareness, and took a hiatus during the rest of the month at the end of December.

    Theme Sessions: There were two theme sessions in December, discussing elements having to do with Boundaries.

    Playing with Boundaries: with Eden Haiku, Zen Arado, and Bleu Oleander.
        2010.12.06 07:00 - Theme Session: Playing with Boundaries

    Playing with Space: with Stevenaia Michinaga, Aphrodite MacBain And Sophiasharon Larnia
        2010.12.08 19:00 -  Theme Session: Playing with Space

    Second Life Retreats:  In December, the group decided to have SL retreats over a period of a few days for an intensive in-world retreat experience, similar in structure like that of a RL “urban” retreat. The SL retreats are private gatherings and are not recorded or shared on the wiki, except for theme sessions held post-retreat.

    The group started to draft guidelines for SL retreatants in December, which Eos Amaterasu created in February 2011. See: SL Retreat Patterns

    See: SL Retreats for the SL retreat page.

    On December 15-17, 2010, the group had it’s very first SL retreat.

        2010.12.26 07:00 SLT Sharing the PlayasBeing In-World Retreat

    Art as Being:  The Play as Being group took a break for the month of December.

    From Log The Antler Sect.jpg

    Dream Circle:

        2010.12.29 07:00 - December Dream Circle

    Weekly Guardian Sessions:

        2010.12.05 08:00 - Guardian Session: Comfortably Displaced but Missing Aggers on this New Moon Day
        2010.12.12 08:00 - Retreat Space and Boundaries - Guardian Meeting
        2010.12.19 08:00 - Past and future Retreats
        2010.12.26 08:00 - Guardian Session: The Cusp of Surrender and Devotion

    Working Group:

        The working group took a break in December.

    December Guardians: Alfred Kelberry <3

    Kira Wikis:

    Thanks to Alfred Kelberry sounding the alarm, the wiki’s for the Phenomenology Workshop and the Kira Team were saved in the nick of time from being lost forever (the old server is no longer supporting wik.is). Thanks to Fael Ilyer for the hard work transferring the data! And Alfred for updating the wiki.

        The new wikis are here:

    December Scribes: The scribes for December were Adams Rubble and Eliza Madrigal.

    Guardian List as of December 25, 2010, 61 members:

     Adams Rubble
     Adelene Dawner
     Agatha MacBeth
     Alfred Kelberry !
     Aphrodite MacBain
     Arabella Ella
     Archmage Atlantis
     Arisia Vita
     Benedizione Vita
     Bertram Jacobus
     Bleu Oleander
     Bruce Mowbray
     Caledonia Heron    
     Calvino Rabeni
     Corvuscorva Nightfire  
     Cosmicflower Ushinawa
     Dakini Rhode       
     Doug Sosa
     Eden Haiku  
     Eliza Madrigal   
     Eos Amaterasu
     Ewan Bonham
     Fael Illyar  
     Fefonz Quan     
     Fox Monacular    
     Gaya Ethaniel
     Genesis Zhangsun
     Geo Netizen
     Hana Furlough
     Lia Rikugun  
     Liza Deischer  
     Lucinda Lavender
     Maxine Walden    
     Mickorod Renard
     Moon Fargis       
     Myna Maven
     Neela Blaisdale
     Paradise Tennant
     Pema Pera  
     Pia Iger
     Qt Core
     Quilty Bookmite
     Reverielarke Wirtanen
     Riddle Sideways  
     Scáthach Rhiadra     
     Sky Szimmer
     Solobill Laville
     SophiaSharon Larnia
     Stevenaia Michinaga
     Stim Morane             
     Storm Nordwind   
     Strannik Zipper
     Susi Alcott
     Sylectra Darwin
     Tarmel Udimo      
     Threedee Shepherd
     Wester Kiranov
     Widget Whiteberry
     Wol Euler
     Yakuzza Lethecus 
     Zen Arado

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