Chapter 22: Winter 2011

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    by Adams

    Introduction to my Second Term as Chronicler of Play as Being

    I am back.

    My approach: A Chronicles is generally a first hand look at activities or events; the authors partipate in whatever it is they are recording. Unlike historical writing or journalism the writers pretend no detachment and there is no attempt to put the "facts" into an external context. It is the story told by an insider.

    In my first year and a half, I first concentrated on what it felt like to come into PaB. There was the excitement of finding something new, learning to drop long held assumptions and misinformation, and making new friends from all over the world. Many of the interviews probed this topic as well. I was very actively involved in PaB and wrote from the perspective of these personal discoveries. Being a little more detached from the many activities going on, I expect a different viewpoint now. It feels different right now anyway. What is next?

    There has been a big turnover of avatars who are active in Play as Being. There always seems to be a group of excited avatars attending many sessions a week.  I do not know most of those most active as well as I once did; they do not know me as well either. I am looking forward to chronicling all of our adventures in the coming months as PaB continues to change. Whether that change is also growth or evolution, or is Play as Being cyclical? Maybe PaB started at the end as it suggests we do.

    a. January 2011

    a.1. Being Sessions

    a.2. Time Sessions

    b. February 2011

    b.1. List of Currrent Guradians by Date They became Guardians

    b.2. Art of Being Self

    b.3. Time Sessions for February

    c. March 2011

    c.1. Time Sessions March on

    d. Bleu

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