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    A special music session, was proposed by Alfred (boxy), began on Wednesday march 2 at 8 am. Sunshine hosted the event.

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    Kira and Play as Being: Play as Being is a part of the Kira institute. It is by far the largest and most active part of Kira with four meetings every day for starters. Since the advent of the working group in October 2009, Play as Being has become more self-managed. New initiatives that in the past would have become Kira Workshops, are now becoming Play as Being sessions, either as part of the four sessions or additional ones. These include the dream session, the poetry session and the music session. Some of the Kira workshops have continued to meet all this time including the weekly Philosophy Work, the Dream Workshop, KISS (Kira Interdisciplinary Science Seminar) and Kira Japan session. Ways of Knowing has continued on in a new format. The Art History Workshop still meets monthly.

    The first Dream Session of 2011 was held on march 30 at the 7:00 am session. There is a Dream Session page.

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    The Time Sessions continued into March, with chapters eleven and twelve of Pema's PaB book, Exploring the Magic, and a summary can be found here.

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    A weekend,"bit more structured", in-world retreat was held on Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27 at the virtual PaB retreat center led by Eliza and Zen. There were eight sessions. It was a small group attending this time: Eliza, Gaya, Liza, Wol and Zen. The page for the retreat is here.

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    Museum of Sacred Art. A new exhibition entitled "Presdios and Missions of Alte California" opened on March 19 in the great hall. The exhibition looks in depth at the four sites having both a presidio and a mission:San Diego, Santa Barbara, Monterey and San Francisco. Some of the other twenty one missions get a briefer look. The presidio and mission movement has left a legacy of location names, structures, and pockets of populations behind. While there is much room to criticize, and even condemn, mismanagement, greed, cruelity and misguided efforts, the Spanish Empire always included the native populations as part of the Empire. This contrasts with treatment of Native Americans in other areas of the hemisphere. Still this is an exhibition that  makes one uncomfortable.

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    New Guardians:Xirana Oximoxi became a guardian in March.

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