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    March 4: The readings were chapter 11, section 11.8. Play as Space  11.9. The Basic Space of Phenomena. The exploration was to play as space was to look at what is around us and then try to focus on the space around it. I am beginning to notice that most of the sessions begin as discussions of the reports. This one went a little behind in exploring letting go of the effort.

    March 11: The next sections were 11.10. Letting Ourselves be Seen...

    And this letting myself be seen can go very far.  We can let ourselves be seen in all imaginable ways.  We can imagine our bodies to become transparent, so that all that is inside is becoming visible and visibly known in some way.  We can imagine all of our thoughts and emotions to become transparent, so that all of them, no matter how hidden or repressed, can become visible and acknowledged.  We can begin to see what it would be like to allow all our darkest fears and all our most sublime hopes to be seen, by the basic space of phenomena.

    ...and 11.11 What if we ourselves were Space? In this section it was suggested we look at all phenomena as waves in the ocean and we part of that ocean. The reader was invited to combine the two and have the waves looking at the reader as the reader looks at the waves being part of the same ocean. In the session, pema added:

    Pema Pera: we must part from (the image we have of) ourselves . . .
    Pema Pera: when we do that, everything else falls in place

    March 18: The two sections for this session were: 11.12. A Note About Focusing and11.13. Freedom from Identification. Pema noted "The more we focus, the more we exclude".He likened "letting go of focusing" to the innocence of a child. This can be done in the nine seconds. In the second section the idea of freedom from identification is introduced. Freedom is wearing ones identities lightly.

    And with Chapter 11 was completed and it was time to shift from space to time...


    March 25: sections 12.1 and 12.2:

    "Imagine that you are walking along a beach.  Seeing many different types of shells and stones, each with its own color and shape and pattern of details, you may pick up one stone here and another shell there, appreciating their individuality for a while before letting them drop back again on the beach.  Similarly, watching whatever you find on the beach of your mind, try not to make a collection of them.  Make it a naked walk, no pockets, or if you prefer swimming wear, then at least something without pockets to fill."

    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

    Note: If this poor summary of complex ideas is beginning to sound intriguing, there is an index page to the Time session material (chapters, reports and sessions) here.

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