A1. Anniversary Celebrations

    Some useful links to see more about the events :


    Preparing for the birthday


    Storm is telling PaB stories as we prepare the cake and steelpans for Friday's birthday party

    Preparing for this event was a very inspiring project for me – through it I got to know more about Aphrodite, Bruce, Bleu and Storm – since we worked together in preparing the party site which got the name – Oak Tree Common. Once we started party arrangements – it ran like a well oiled machine – some meetings, tasks, we kept in touch and had quite a few preparation parties as we went along so for all those that took part – life was a party for a month ;) 

    1 April 2011 - Friday - PaB is 3 years old

    The founder's session

    Pablings gather to listen to elders about the beginnings of PaB - click to read the manga ( storybook ) created about this event



    Yaku and Sun's silly birthday celebration


    Later that day Yaku and Sun combined their voice and music sessions into a colorful and very silly birthday session, with cake, fireworks, steelpan music, onigokko and more ....

    Special poetry session at 7pm

    As part of the birthday events there was a special poetry session held at the Pavilion.

    This is how Sylectra introduces the session in her log :

    "I arrived to find more Play as Being birthday decorations had been placed in the pavilion where we meet - a large multi-tiered birthday cake, balloons and a tray with champagne glasses. This was day 1 of celebrations - an entire weekend of events was scheduled for the third anniversary of the group"

    Click to read her log.

    2 April 2011 - Saturday - the party continues with a series of events

    Jam session with Sun, Juni, Medora - of the Imaginals

    The festivities starts off with a jam arranged by Sun "eastern style" with bellydancing, snake charming and whirling .. till Junivers and Medora arrives and the jam turns into a live music jam with Juniverse playing guitar through voice and Medora and Sun improvising on flutes while the others are whirling to the vibes



    Poetry recital at Aphrodite's place

    Pablings gather at Aphrodite's corner to recite poems and make one up line by line



    Oak Tree Common Dance

    The festive feeling continues as pabbers get on the dance floor for some to show off their moves



    Dance in Light - a lightshow by Juni and the Imaginals

    As part of the celebrations Juni and the Imaginals perform to celebrate PaB's birthday with live music by Junivers as the Imaginals dancers skydance as part of a colorful lightshow



    Chat about the PaB community with Aphrodite

    After the lightshow pablings gather for a chat about the community

    Click here to read her log of the discussion entitled "Is it a sangha?"


    The Garden - Kabuki theater piece in 5 scenes

    The day ends with a 5 scene piece by Mojo and Lucky



    3 April Sunday - a wonderful end to the celebrations

    Bleu opens the exhibition entitled "Being Recorded" and Eden recites her poem "Neighborhood cafe" as she dances in her beautiful outfit

    Click here to read Bleu's log or here to see Eden's page where you can read her poem and see some beautiful pictures about the performance



    The festivites end with a discussion about PaB's future hosted by Maxine

    Here is how she introduces the event in her log :

    "This meeting was the final scheduled event in the weekend of celebrations of PaB's third anniversary.  And we thought it would be nice to think of the future of PaB during this session.  So, folks gathered just after the Art as Being spectacular meeting at the Art Dome.  About 20 avis showed up, all excited and bubbly and as you may gather we continued our excitement through the session, which to my view was the major theme."

    Click to read more ...


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