A. January 2012

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    Retreats...and beyond:

    The discussion about real life retreats continued into January. At the same time a few tried to plan a retreat in Northern Ireland. There was much heartfelt discussion about retreats. Some people felt intiminated about the retreats feelling that one had to be experienced in meditation to take part. Pema reassured them:

    Note that the original format was not at all meditation-retreat like.  Real meditation retreats tend to have 90% meditation and 10% talking, at most, time wise.  All of the PaB retreats have been 10% meditation and 90% talking, roughly.  So the difference between the original eight retreats and a meeting like that in Berlin is far smaller than the difference between a real meditation retreat and the original PaB retreats!

    Almost everyone who had attended one valued the experience but the expense and time for travel, as well as the commitment to a weeklong retreat lead to a decling attendance. Only three were commited to the retreat being planned.  In the end it was decided to take a break from RL retreats for now in favor of shorter, less formal meetups such as the one in Berlin. Then began a discsussion of what to call these meetups. Finally Eliza suggested:

    There is also the option of just dropping the word retreat. Thenwe have not Play as Being retreats or meet ups, but we have  Play as Being Berlin, or Play as Being Windhorse, or Play as BeingNew York Cafe', or Play as Being Mountain Top... to each its own, and all Play as Being.
    It was then learned that Mickorod had been ahead of his time, having made key chains for the Berlin attendees that said "PaB Berlin 2011".
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    New Guardian: Tess Aristocrat became a guardian in January.

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