Chapter 32: 2015

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    Beginning of a New Chapter in the Life of Play as Bring

    On February 5, 2015, Pema sent out a note to the guardians about the High cost of the tier for the Play as Being village. Pema and Maxine had been paying the entire cost of the tier since the close of the non-profit status of Kira. Pema wrote that Maxine and he would be glad to pay the tier to July 1 to give the group time to make a decison. Pema and Maxine previously had been the largest contributors to Kira.

    The village included the pavilion, the Kira Cafe, the Guardian Pavilion, the coffee house, the Museum of Sacred Art and the individual guaridan plots.

    The first reaction from the group was gratitude expressed to Pema and Maxine for their support. Secondly the group began to consider how much tier money could be raised and how much land could be purchased for that amount. Wol volunteered to collect the money and pay the monthly tier. Sixteen people agreed to contribute in order to pay the tier for 7680 squre meters. In addition a number of guardians took their own plots nearby.

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