01.24.2013 Meeting Minutes

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    Minutes of PAB Party meeting: Jan 24 10-11 am slt

    KIRA Boardroom


    Minutes:  Minutes of previous meeting were approved. Aph agreed to do the minutes for this meeting.


    SS Project: Bleu reported she had not been able to reach Sophia Sharon so we assumed the interviews and video aren’t going to happen. Perhaps we can tell PaB’s story in other ways like through druth’s project.


    Confirmation of theme: It was felt the theme of the 5 senses proposed at the Guardian meeting is too restrictive. It was agreed that the theme for this anniversary is five because we will be five years old. Five can be a way of structuring the events: five acts in the molecule theatre and five can be the main theme for Art as Being, keeping it open to manipulation and interpretation


    Plan B for Party location

    Currently the plan was to hold the party in the dome but as that may be restrictive to the Art as Being exhibition there, Storm agreed to “clear out an atom of the molecule” and create a place for the Party Celebrations there. The Party will happen on Sunday, March 31 at noon. If we can make it easy for party people to get to the atom, then we shall consider it as first priority. 

    Action: In the next few days Storm can make a place in an atom where Zen could put a stream url in and have dances. Sun will work with Zen. She could also put a stream url in to give Zen a break when dj'ing. 

    Action: Investigate the possibility of the theme for 5 in the party.


    5th anniversary logos – Bleu has been playing with ideas –using the theme of five and will work on putting it in writing soon


    Art as Being  Bleu wants to do sculpture exhibition with a theme of 5.  

    Sun was thinking of creating a "previous exhibitions" rez area ... but it’s not linked with the next art project. Aph suggested she connect it with druth’s project – the museum of Pabbology. 

    Action: Sun will talk to druth.


    Locating the old timers and those others who have left  Storm says he has everyone’s emails but we shouldn’t contact them till we have something to propose.. 

    “I know all the names of who has ever been to the Pavilion here. But whether they answer a note card is tentative” Storm. 

    Actions: Agatha agreed to look into determining whether we have an up to date list of guardians on the wiki We will talk about this further at our next meeting on the 31st.


    Molecule Theatre variety show.  Storm observed that “Two months preparation is the minimum and we're at that now. And that means a high time contribution from everyone involved.” 

    Action Storm agreed to present a simple play he has done before as we can repeat some of the old performances. They can be music, dance, poetry, a skit, or one of Bleu’s videos. Bleu suggested “how about instead of the (SS) video we invite peeps to get up on stage and say something about PaB? a poem, a thought something?” More on this at the Feb 14 meeting.


    Druth's proposal for Google group communication  We are happy to use it. play-as-being-party-planners@googlegroups.com


    Next meeting:  Jan 31. Meeting after that: Feb 14.   10am

                                Feb 14th, 8:30 am slt




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