02.14.2013 Meeting Minutes of Party Planners

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    MINUTES 5th anniversary Party Planners Meeting,

    Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 in the Atom.


    Present: Aggers, Aph, Storm, San, Zen, Bleu, druth

    Absent: Sun, Stevenaia


    1.  We all met in the future party place in an atom Storm that has created – arriving like shooting stars, dream dancing through the clouds. Bravo Storm!


    2. Party decorating committee: Sun, Zen and Bleu. They are going to take PAB member's  submitted designs and decorate with them.  Sun will do dance floor and fireworks.

    Music. Storm assigned Zen’s url stream to this particular plot for future use for music.


    3. Reaching our lapsed members: Aggers reported that there are very few PaB members who have not visited PaB in the past year. Aggers with Storm’s help will try and contact Gen and Lia and add them to the invitation list.


    4. Poetry Reading It was agreed that we will hold a poetry reading in the Molecule Theatre on April 6; time and structure to be developed by stage managers.  San volunteered to help Eliza will be contacted to see if she might like to be part of this. Members/friends of PAB will be invited to submit poetry to San & Eliza and to sending the poem as texture; Bleu will subsequently put each on a on a prim that can be shown to the audience at the reading. There was a discussion of making a book of the poems and also of creating a group poem during one of the Pavilion sessions. Copyright laws should be respected if poems by non members are printed in the book.


    5. Retreat  We agreed it would be nice to schedule a retreat in conjunction with the Party.  Aph will ask Eliza whether she might like to investigate this possibility.


    6. Rescheduling Due to Easter being on March 30-April 1, The Birthday Celebration was rescheduled to April 6-7. The Party will take place at noon on Sunday and the Poetry Reading on Saturday April 6. A maximum of 40 avis can fit on the site.


    7. Logo Bleu agreed to invite all Guardians and Friends of PAB to submit new anniversary logo ideas to her. All will be used to decorate Bieup. (see item 2). Suggested size:  max 1024 pixels. Storm said he has a high resolution PAB logo that can be used.


    8. Art as being : Bleu will send out emails inviting guardian  to make sculpture on the theme of 5 using colours and shapes revisiting the first theme of  Art as Being. In addition to the exhibit, we will try and locate some of the original sculptures and include them in the show or install them along the walkway in Bieup. Installation s/b the week of March 17-24.


     9 Next meeting  Feb 28

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