03.14.2013 Meeting of Anniversary Party Planners Minutes, March 14, 2013

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    Attending: agatha, aph, bleu, cat, druth, szavanna, storm


    Poetry Reading:

    • Aph reported she has not yet received many submissions and will re-email the invitation. Bleu and Cat said they were working on theirs and aph reported that Cal has sent a beautiful one.
    • druth said that from what people have said in pavilion sessions she doesn’t  think we will have a problem there and suspects most will bring theirs with them rather than submit ahead. Aph explained it was important to know ahead of time how many poems there will be and be ready to put into text chat.
    • druth said most poetry sharings are mixed audio and text, usually with a designated reader; they some allow poems to be shared text only   
    • Aph asked druth whether she could give her some advice later before she sends out her next reminder
    • there may be a problem using voice for some
    • In her session on March 31, Aph will try and create a group poem about PAB
    • druth would like permission to use the poems in my display. Aph suggested she approach each poet directly.



    • Eliza wasn’t present so we received no retreat updates


    Logo designs

    • Bleu reported she has received no new logo submissions. She will use Xiri's and hers to decorate the event places and make t shirts and balloons, if others submit ... theirs too
    • Sun has put out a gift box for Xiri-wear in her plot


    Art of being 5

    • Art of being installation time is Monday 18th, reception is a week from Sunday, on March 24 at noon slt.
    • They are clearing the dome, Storm will  reset


    PaB 5th anniversary party

    • Sun had the idea of collecting favourite songs/music from everyone and using the collection for a party. She will send out an email requesting songs
    • Druth suggested putting drop boxes around the sim for submissions of various sorts as asking isn't getting a lot of response



    • Druth reported that it is coming along, nothing is needed at this point, and that Wol has helped with the menus and Sun and Cat have been very helpful too


    Decorating committee for Molecule and Atom

    • Meet: Friday April 5th 9:30 a.m.
    • Sunji, Bleu, Aph



    • Aggers agreed to invite Wagner James Au to our celebrations.
    • Storm suggested reading this first. http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2006/02/nwn_tips.html
    • druth will update the events page once she receives the schedule
    • there is a 5th anniversary page with the minutes on the wiki
    • Aph said she is getting ready to post a list of the events on the wiki and by email .


    Next meeting: March 28 at 9AM

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