Dream Practice Sessions (2017 - 2018)

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    Dream Practice sessions 

    The basic idea for these sessions is to nurture one another's dream/sleep
    practices. Although we will occasionally have sessions or times to share
    personal dreams and offer insights, that will be more of a supplemental 
    Mostly, we'll begin with a dreamy topic, grounded in some of the literature, 
    such as but not limited to Andrew Holocek's Dream Yoga book (see resource
    page), plus personal questions or puzzles, and then learn together in a relaxed, 
    open and curious way. 

    These sessions started in the format of Kira workshops. We'll meet for several
    weeks and then decided to continue open-endedly.  
    Some of us have found that when participating in other dream sessions over 
    the years, we more easily remembered our dreams and were able to hear 
    more clearly, not only in the sense of interpretations, but in sensibilities about 
    daily life. We also may have slept better, due to paying attention to conditions 
    before bed and after waking, plus learning from others about things like how 
    they may handle periods of wakefulness at night (etc.). 
    There are many schools of dream practice, some focused more on staying
    'lucid' in dreams, some focused on gleaning insights, and some focused on 
    deeper rest (in night and day)/clarity. We'll look at all these emphasis and
    others. And we'll try to end each session in a quiet way, as if leading off to
    sleep, even if for some of us that won't be for hours. :)


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