2011.03.30 - Marimbas, a dulcimer and Norwegian wood

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    The music students this week were Bleu ( drummer and violinist ), Zen ( didj master and lead hums ), Eliza and Sharon on marimbas and dulcimer, and me ;) Alf and Lugh also came by.

    The session started with Bleu's beats - they are great to get into the rhythm, then we moved on to marimbas and Sharon found a dulcimer too - interesting combinations. Then Bleu got out her violin - and I ( Sun ) was trying to learn melodies from Bleu and played them on my violin. Then came some chanting in Arabic and I also experimented with creating an Arabic sounding tune using only 4 notes - it worked out quite well ;)

    We ended the session with learning the chords of Norwegian Wood :


    and a few snaps from class :







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