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    PaB's day of silent sessions on September 21st, 2011, began with an email to the group, from oO0Oo Resident. 

    I watched this TED talk recently:

    One of (I'm sure) *many* worthwhile 'just do it' leap into enthusiasm quality.. And yet I find myself typing in wonder of how people here might feel if on September 21st.. the 4 sessions of PaB, were designated to be 'silent'.. that is, attended with no talking.. just being together. Bells could be used in the same way, to drop or "come back in awareness", or even as a marker of walking meditation in RL. People could come and go. Perhaps group labels could be changed for the day, and an explanatory sign and notecard made for arrivers.

    Possible View:
    1) Willing grassroots proactive connection with intention set forward in video
    2) Pabbers being together in a non-verbal, non-retreat setting discipline (an experimental 'drop day' together)
    3) Allow space/time sensing.. being global textures/scale network. Feeling edges of what may feel lost or gained organizationally or personally, in sympathy for what could possibly be dropped collectively on Earth through participating.
    A meal course offered ::palms up::

    Does it feel something you would like to try?
    (would need consensus I would imagine)

    And indeed, we did try. :)
    Here are the Peace One Day Sessions:

    2011.09.21 01:00 - Peace One Day

    2011.09.21 07:00 - Peace One Day

    2011.09.21 13:00 - Silencio

    2011.09.21 19:00 - Peace One Day Part 4

    2011.09.22 07:00 - Afterglow



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