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    The 99 Days project is a way to establish a new habit, or firm up an old one, or perhaps break an old habit that no longer pleases you.

    Think of something that you would like to do regularly, but don't do — or not often enough, or perhaps you need to "restart your engine" with it. Starting whenever you like (but ideally on day 0), do that thing every day for 99 days and add a comment to the wiki page for the day, telling about how it went.

    You may do whatever you feel you need, but it should be something that you want to continue with, and it should be consistent over the 99 days. It need not be exactly the same thing, it would be OK to say "I will do one of my regular meditation practices every day before breakfast". However it should be pretty specific: "I will exercise" is probably too vague to keep you motivated for over three months.


    This project grew out of a conversation between Wol and Pema at the 2011 Halifax retreat (discussed in the retreat theme session on August 6th).


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