99.004 - 2013.01.15

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    This will be the "collector page" for individual days for the fourth run of 99 days, starting on January 15, 2013.

    Please feel free to add your comments on your daily activity to the appropriate day's page (not here).


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    My resolution is, as it was before, to do at least 10 minutes of body-centered meditation each day. That is, standing meditation and/or prostrations.
    Specifically for this run, I want to look at the way the (non)functioning of my body affects the meditation, and vice versa. My shoulder doesn't have its full movement range yet, and there are some other remnants of my illness that I have to get used to.
    Let's see what happens.
    Posted 07:59, 15 Jan 2013
    I am hoping to focus on 'taking better care of myself', which for me right now means living more in the moment and becoming less relentless and thus narrowly focussed on certain issues,which then become obsessions rather than interesting things to think about. Hoping thus to open up mental space and have more 'breathing room'. Nice to have the community of 100 days as an envelope of fellow sojourners in this exploration.
    Posted 14:52, 15 Jan 2013
    ::: Balancing my life
    ::: One sound haiku at a time
    ::: For 99 days
    Posted 15:34, 15 Jan 2013
    I love this idea Woly thank you :) Its my first time doing this and my plan is to do ..uh I wanna do some many new things...meditation, being less tense, more balanced, eat healthy - all the usuals and more. For this 99 days I'd like to focus on metta-karuna meditation, spending a few moments everyday about South Africa and spending a few minutes sitting quietly outside in nature. Wishing you well for your 99 days - looking forward to doing it and seeing everyone's comments.
    Posted 22:24, 15 Jan 2013
    Sitting on Minneapolis runway from San francisco on a flight to Newark. I plan on more standing meditation (longer) and working on my daily Tai Chi practice now that I have completed the three sections of my "long form". I plan on extending how long it takes to do them (slower). This will give me more time for mediation and exercise. Longer and Slower:). Maybe even at a more consistent time every day see you all soon edited 06:06, 16 Jan 2013
    Posted 01:15, 16 Jan 2013
    Notable moments in simplest form. edited 02:07, 16 Jan 2013
    Posted 02:03, 16 Jan 2013
    I've got a bunch of stuff so I'll claim my goal is 20 min meditation each day :)
    Posted 02:41, 16 Jan 2013
    My goal is twofold, to meditate 10 minutes a day and by the end of the 99 days to have found a community to sit with in RL.
    Posted 05:39, 16 Jan 2013
    How strange. I posted this morning and added an image. Now it is gone! What does this mean?
    Ah - I found it. I think I understand how January 16 became January 15 (or was that vice versa?. edited 07:14, 16 Jan 2013
    Posted 07:10, 16 Jan 2013
    I read this page's header literally. But seeing as no one else did, what I'm doing these 99 days is on page zero. ;-)
    Posted 18:48, 16 Jan 2013
    The system appears to be that people post their intentions here, and their experiences on the daily pages. Hooray for emergent properties.
    Posted 18:31, 17 Jan 2013
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