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    Day 0


    March 14, 2018


    This is the intention page for our current "99 Days" exploration, which will take place
    for 30 days. :)  At the bottom of this page, in the comments section, please share what
    your focus will be for these 30 days, whether meditative, health/fitness, artistic,

    Then, return each day to check-in. 

    This is the also the main page, where you can access all other pages easily (see tabs to
    your left) e
    ach day.  It is generally a good idea to come back and read your original
    intention from time to time along the way.

    If easier, an email will be sent through the PaB group each day, with a link and reminder.



    :)  Here we go!



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    993.5 kB01:56, 15 Mar 2018Aphrodite MacBainActions
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    Jay, it begins!

    Previous 99 days projects have always been, for me, about establishing a daily meditation routine. But at this moment that is going quite well (always room for improvement, of course...). So, time for something new, something that I have been vaguely wanting to do for a while.

    During this project, I want to do an appreciation exercise with my food. So, at least once a day, when I am about to eat (or drink) something, I will take a few quiet breaths, really notice what it is I am going to eat, appreciate all the things that were necessary to produce this bit of food, and bow to all that and to the food itself.

    In particular, a few of those exercises have to be with meat. If I'm going to eat animals, that is one thing that I have to be able to do in full consciousness.

    Esther / Wester
    Posted 21:55, 13 Mar 2018
    Arising out of Riddle's PaB session yesterday morning, I began a review of the abbreviations, i.e. tools, I had been using on my blog, https://rubblebornthoughts.wordpress.com/, for almost the past decade. I was not thinking of the 99 days project but it seems to have coincided with the purpose of this exercise. Yesterday I got through six of the easier ones. Today I began to think about YSBS, and old exercise in which we look at something and then try to see how Being sees it. I chose myself this morning.I am not sure where it will go or how long but for now it is my focus. I wish everyone well on their projects.

    Posted 14:00, 14 Mar 2018
    Happy PI DAY, everyone!

    After a brutal and sedentary winter, what my Being cries out for is movement. I've compiled fifty-five different Sousa marches into a playlist out of which individual files can be played randomly. For twenty minutes (minimum) every day, I will rise up out of my Lazyboy recliner and MARCH.

    -- Bruce
    Posted 14:56, 14 Mar 2018
    Hi Everyone, and thanks Wester, for starting us off!
    Happy Pi Day, Einstein's birthday, and Bravo Steven Hawking day. :)

    My focus will be basic, reconnecting with 'stopping' practice, inspired by the guidance Pema gave in the Yhouse LL blog post (#30) that prompted revisiting 99 Days. I experience this as taking on expressions of YSBS exercise too.

    Something like:

    1) First breath is intention. It is like stepping on the brakes, which is easier if one isn't going too fast in the first place, but may take a little more force if so.

    2) Second breath is 'be where you are'. Take note of the setting and self as part of it, where one might be adding anything (agendas, stories, future tripping, past tripping).

    3) Third breath is Shift to presence. Let Being see.

    Oh - forgot to say that I'm setting timers for this, at diff intervals depending on diff points during the day. edited 15:36, 14 Mar 2018
    Posted 15:32, 14 Mar 2018
    This is always Day Zero of the rest of your life.

    The Dream workshops, sessions, journal writing and desire to connect lucidly with those separate lives opened something.
    There are so many separate Riddles in here and many want to get to know the others
    In 30 days they should be able to be found, mapped, introduced and start dialogues.
    In a hope of uniting the parts to a whole holistic.

    Turn on and use the 15-min gong app

    And also...
    Grow world peace, make you smile, unite for the good of All, End hunger, spread Love, Know Being and grow a poppy.
    Posted 19:36, 14 Mar 2018
    This is the first 99 day project I've done.

    There are several things I'd like to practice regularly, but I only do them intermittently, or hardly at all. I've chosen these three:

    1. Meditation.

    2. Drawing.

    3. Piano practice.

    Piano practice I can only do at home, so I'll have to skip a few days now and then when travelling.

    Each to be done for at least 15 minutes each day. Of course, for piano practice, 15 minutes is almost nothing, but I can carry on as much longer as I feel like. 15 minutes minimum is the rule I'm going with.

    There are also all the PaB and WoK exercises, but I don't think I'm familiar enough with any of them (except the 15-minute bell) to make a regular practice of them at the moment.
    Posted 00:14, 15 Mar 2018
    As I seem to not be able to think straight these days, I will offer up some non-thinking images once a week- some of my plant paintings . edited 01:57, 15 Mar 2018
    Posted 01:55, 15 Mar 2018
    Slowly step by step
    Dismantling straightjacket
    Breaking some new ground
    Posted 13:19, 15 Mar 2018
    I have accumulated a large pile of books (both paper and electronic) on topics that interest me, many of them pertaining in various ways to the exploration of being. But somehow I never seem to get down to actually reading them. So my practice will be to spend at least 15 minutes a day sitting down and reading from this collection of books.
    Posted 17:43, 15 Mar 2018
    I am joining late at Day 31, in response to Eliza's kind invitation. My theme will be, perhaps appropriately for the tenth anniversary, a particular and peculiar take on Imagined Future Self. Rather than repeat myself, I'll continue on Day 31 (especially as no one is likely to read this!). ;-)
    Posted 00:15, 15 Apr 2018
    'Cept for me, and others... ;-)
    Posted 00:39, 15 Apr 2018
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