Time, Space, and Knowledge - Part 1 [SPACE]

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    Beginning January 2016, sessions are held to explore the book Time, Space and Knowledge. These pages are meant for parallel discussions and record keeping. Contributions are welcomed, and can be added in the Comments section at the bottom of each page.


    Time, Space, and Knowledge
           A New Vision of Reality


    Part One: SPACE

    Chapter One

    2016.01.07 - Introduction & Exercises Overview

    Week One = Presentation of format for session discussions and homework,
                       Spending time with the presented vsion of TSK - first impressions,
                       Discussions of exercises overview

    2016.01.14 - Beginning with the Presence of Space

    Week Two = Continued discussion of Introduction pages, shared highlights,
                       Begin Presence of Space

    2016.01.21 - The Presence of Space, week 2

    Week Three = Continued discussion, Presence of Space,
                          Begin Giant Body, reading Chapter 2 

    Chapter Two

    2016.01.28 - Giant Body

    Week Four = Feedback session on the Giant Body exercises, and general 
                        follow up on the reading to this point, Chapter 2

    2016.02.04 - The Body and Human Embodiment - 1

    Week Five = Feedback and discussion continuing the exercises in
                       the second chapter, as well as other commentaries


    2016.02.11 - The Body and Human Embodiment - 2

    Week Six = Feedback and discussion, lingering with exercise 6

    2016.02.18 - The Body and Human Embodiment - 3

    Week Seven = Feedback and discussion, exercises 7 and 8

    2016.02.25 - The Body and Human Embodiment - 4
    Week Eight = Feedback and discussion, finishing Chapter Two,
                         exercises 9 and 10


    Chapter Three

    2016.03.03 - The Mind and Origin of Appearance
    Week Nine = We look at thoughts, connections, movement,
                        feedback for exercises 11 through 14

    Chapter Four

    2016.03.10 - The World and Other Bases
    Week Ten = Discussion of 'gentle and balanced accomodation'
                       along with other aspects of Chapter Four,
                       including 'bystanders' and 'outside-standers'

    Chapter Five

    2016.03.17 - Being in the World; Being Space and Time
    Week Eleven = Discussion of 'three levels' and beginning
                           of Exercise 15 and 16


    TSK Art Project 1 - Visualizing Space

    Art contributions from the group, inspired by TSK Section One: SPACE



    *We'll move into sessions and readings/exercises for the next sections, starting April 14th


    *Please understand that this outline was created by Eliza Madrigal in order to facilatate easy discussions, and is not meant to be authoritative. Thank you :) 

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    The first TSK Intro Session:

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