Time, Space, and Knowledge - Part 2 [TIME]

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    Beginning January 2016, sessions are held to explore the book Time, Space and Knowledge. These pages are meant for parallel discussions and record keeping. Contributions are welcomed, and can be added in the Comments section at the bottom of each page. From here, we begin to take a less linear approach, but still be keeping pace here as a kind of 'drumbeat' outline.

    Time, Space, and Knowledge

           A New Vision of Reality

    Part 2: TIME


    2016.04.07 - Exercise 17: The Object and Its Glow

    Week One: Moving into the TIME chapters, we begin with Exercise 17.


    2016.04.14 - The Presence of Time - Liberating Potency and Compelling Patterns

    Week Two: Reports on "Juicy Bits" of Reading: Chapter 6


    2016.04.21 - The Path from Ordinary to Great Time--An Overview

    Week Three: Chapter 7, Exercises 18 and 19 (past/future projections)

    2016.04.28 - The Path from Ordinary to Great Time, Part 2

    Week Four: Continuation of Last Week's Session


    2016.05.05 - Bringing Back the Charts

    WeeK Five: Time Experience (same basic reading/practice area)


    2016.05.12 - Knowing as Intimacy

    Week Six: If there is an objective, it might be this
    (and beginning Reading, Chapter 8)


    2016.05.19 - Chapter 8, Exercise 22: Diving into Time

    Week Seven: Self Time


    2016.05.26 - Exercise 23: Going Without Going (A Walking Exercise)

    Week Eight: The exercise "going without going" is a walking exercise,
    but really an attention exercise.

    2016.05.30 - Exercises 24, 25 - and an Active Break!

    Week Nine: An "active break" is one in which we don't forego continuing
    with the reading and exercises at our own pace and inspiration, while
    we take time off from official report sessions until July.


    2016.07.14 - CHAPTER NINE: About the Transition to Third Stage

    By opening ourselves up to 'time', it can act and speak more freely through us. Our speech and gestures become totally irrepressible and spontaneous, welling up from 'time', the dynamic center of our being. Everything thing we are and do becomes a direct and overtly faithful expression of the inner structure of 'time' itself.
    Tarthang Tulku. Time, Space & Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality (Nyingma Psychology Series) (Kindle Locations 1801-1803). Kindle Edition. 
    *Please understand that this outline was created by Eliza Madrigal in order to facilatate easy discussions, and is not meant to be authoritative. Thank you :) 
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