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    Illuminating the themes of Play as Being,an ongoing series of arts projects, “Art of Being,” was started by Bleu Oleander in March of 2010, for Play as Being artists, located in the "Art of Being Gallery."  PaB members can participate in the exhibitions and work together on art projects. It makes the PaB village a more dynamic place of being with everyone working together and learning to build. We use the expertise of more skilled members to teach us and work with us. The goal of the project is to reinforce the PaB themes creatively and visually. We incorporate music, poetry, photography, and performance arts.


    Art Gallery:




    PaB Art Workshop




    Play as Being Guardians meet to present and discuss the art installations with special sessions.



    Each project has notecards for visitors that would explain PaB and the specific theme the work was depicting. Initially, our first project started with limitations on number of prims, size, colors, and no textures, no sound, few particles, simply shape and color. Within these parameters, we participated individually or as small groups and presented works of art that illuminated PaB themes.  We used the “prim” as a metaphor for being; using shades of colors for the many colors of being; using transparency for revealing being; dropping textures as a metaphor for “PaB dropping” Many of us participate and fill the village and gallery with art!




    Play as Being Arts Landmarks:

    Art Gallery:

    Theatre and Cafe:












    PaB's First Art Exhibition in the Village Square - March 2010




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