Guardian Nomination Process

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    Process for nominating Guardian:

    1. Any Guardian can suggest someone as a possible Guardian. Suggestions are made to a member of the Working Group (WG) who brings it to the subsequent meeting;

    2. The WG considers it and if they find no problems with the nomination it is posted to the Guardian community who are asked to provide feedback within two weeks;

    3. If no objection is raised to the WG by the Guardian community within 2 weeks, the potential Guardian is asked if they would like to be a guardian, and is given an outline of their privileges and possible responsibilities;

    4. All of this happens in confidence within the Guardian community, except for the actual invitation.

    Individual flag

    5. During the two week period any individual PAB Guardian can “raise a flag” and ask for more time (1 week) to consider;

    - After 1 week this Guardian reports his/her decision to a member of the WG. If the Guardian still has justifiable reason for not inviting the person to be a Guardian they must give reason for their concern. The WG will then discuss this further to determine whether they accept the justification for refusal. 

    - If the Guardian no longer has a concern they can retract the flag and the nominee is able to be accepted by the WG, which will then make the invitation.

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