Retreat Coordinator

    Current Retreat Coordinator: Eos Amaterasu

    Retreat Coordinator Role

    The retreat coordinator works with Pema Pera (Piet Hut) and with regional RL retreat organizers on RL retreats, and with the SL guardian community on SL retreats.

    This includes:

    - setting up a schedule with one RL retreat per quarter, up to two years in advance;

    - finding a local guardian to organize each RL retreat;

    - working with that guardian to find a venue, and work out details of accommodations, food, transportation, and retreat facilities;

    - setting prices and budget for the retreat;

    - maintaining the Retreats section of the Wiki, with both general retreat information and a page for each retreat;

    - helping coordinate feedback, reports, and theme sessions after the retreat, to share with the guardian community;

    - coordinating with the Kira treasurer on collecting retreat fees and paying retreat deposits and expenses.

    Much of the same applies to SL retreats, which are now being scheduled one or more times per month:

    - ensure there are two "hosts" for each SL retreat;

    - stay in touch with the SL retreat site builder (currently SophiaSharon Larnia);

    - provide help and guidance as needed to SL retreat hosts.


    RL and SL Retreats Handbook

    See the About Pages in the retreat section.

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