Adelene and Threedee IM during the 8/18 7pm session

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    I was very much in a LoA-type brainstate, this evening, to the point where LoR-type conversation was very much counterintuitive. So Threedee and I chatted privately through most of the evening... some interesting things came up.


    [20:16]  Threedee Shepherd: Perhaps Saira is an example of what I was getting at when I said it is hard for someone new to suddenly join in?
    [20:17]  Adelene Dawner: bad discussion for her to wander into, yes - and at the same time, good discussion for PaB. So, agreed.
    [20:19]  Threedee Shepherd: how would we begin to explain the difference between "good/bad" and the concept of "right action in Being"
    [20:20]  Adelene Dawner: note to self: When in LoA, do not try to split attention; it does not work.
    [20:21]  Threedee Shepherd smiles
    [20:21]  Adelene Dawner turns off her other screen.
    [20:22]  Adelene Dawner: I don't see a rightness in 'explaining the difference'...
    [20:22]  Adelene Dawner: yet
    [20:22]  Threedee Shepherd: good/bad is LoR, isn't it?
    [20:23]  Adelene Dawner: yes... and?
    [20:23]  Threedee Shepherd: what of LoA is it the relative form of?
    [20:23]  Adelene Dawner: ... o.O
    [20:23]  Adelene Dawner: what of LoA is 'space' the relative form of? or 'time'?
    [20:24]  Threedee Shepherd: LoR good/bad LoA ?
    [20:25]  Threedee Shepherd: Sorry, I misspoke. what of LoA, is the LoR teermgood/bad, the *active* form of
    [20:25]  Adelene Dawner: what is 'space' the active form of? space is space. good is good.
    [20:26]  Threedee Shepherd: bad is bad ?
    [20:26]  Adelene Dawner: mm-hmm. blue is blue.
    [20:26]  Threedee Shepherd: I thought good and bad were judgements, not absolutes
    [20:27]  Adelene Dawner: the concept 'good', that things can be judged to be, is itself and only itself.
    [20:28]  Threedee Shepherd: is it more appropriate (weasel word I know) to be good or bad to have compassion or to murder mindlessly?
    [20:28]  Adelene Dawner scrapes together enough LoR to note that she'd usually consider this a pretty bad brain-shutdown, but LoA concepts are working fine, perhaps better than usual even.
    [20:29]  Threedee Shepherd: an interesting observation that really gives insight that LoA and LoR, are.
    [20:32]  Adelene Dawner: there is a pattern commonly labeled 'good', and a pattern commonly labeled 'bad'. 'Compassion' matches patterns well with 'good', and 'murder' matches patterns well with part of 'bad'. They are *all* abstractions. As is 'appropriate'.
    [20:33]  Adelene Dawner: All of those patterns are part of the pattern (?) of Being.
    [20:34]  Threedee Shepherd: Does it make sense to say I try to live my life compassionately becasue I view that as the better way.
    [20:34]  Adelene Dawner: yes... I still am processing LoR, which that is.
    [20:35]  Threedee Shepherd: Are we saying, (daily) life is lived in the relative not the absolute.
    [20:35]  Adelene Dawner: in most if not all instants, yes.
    [20:37]  Threedee Shepherd: Ok, true confusion, when she asked earlier whether we were interested in only the Absolute (as in reaching or becomming one with the absolute), does that imply that I aspire to be both Good and Bad?
    [20:37]  Adelene Dawner: ^.^
    [20:37]  Threedee Shepherd: Hey, I really DID want an answer.
    [20:39]  Adelene Dawner: Did you grok that my ultimate decision regarding compassion was that it is a bodily drive, similar to hunger? Good and bad dissapear if you stop believing in them.
    [20:40]  Threedee Shepherd: No argument. is random coldblodded murder XYZ? What word replaces XYZ?
    [20:41]  Adelene Dawner: not every pattern has a word, but there are several different patterns that could result in murder... jealousy relates to one of them, hatred, a few others I could perhaps name.
    [20:42]  Threedee Shepherd: for us NTs, every pattern has an *attempt* at words. We are incorrigible (if not encourageable).
    [20:43]  Adelene Dawner: fear... status-seeking... point is that murder is not *random* and that it can be the result of a number of different patterns.
    [20:43]  Adelene Dawner: Including some that some people would consider 'good'.
    [20:44]  Adelene Dawner: (You don't see the subtlety of patterns that I do, I think.)
    [20:45]  Threedee Shepherd: Truly interesting. I say that the brain/body is a pattern seeking *machine*. Yet I am then not (yet)content to leave it at that, and seek words.
    [20:45]  Adelene Dawner chuckles at Saira's definition of 'deep'.

    [20:48]  Threedee Shepherd: Damn, THAT's the 1st time I have ever added "does it matter". PaB is getting to me :)
    [20:48]  Adelene Dawner: ^.^
    [20:50]  Threedee Shepherd: As a pragmatist, I might have thought to ask that question (does it matter) long ago.
    [20:50]  Adelene Dawner: ^.^
    [20:51]  Threedee Shepherd: Yet if I keep asking "does it matter" enough times. I *could* talk myself out of attending PaB :(
    [20:51]  Adelene Dawner: Nothing matters. Do as you will. ^.^
    [20:51]  Threedee Shepherd: Hey, are you channeling Avastu :)
    [20:51]  Adelene Dawner: Tol'ja I'm LoA tonight.
    [20:52]  Adelene Dawner: and Being Doing getting a drink. brb.
    [20:53]  Threedee Shepherd: working definition of time: I keep coming back because I want to see what happens next.
    [20:53]  Adelene Dawner: ^.^

    [21:27]  Adelene Dawner: *definitely* LoA. It took me three tries to *figure out* that today is Monday, and only managed it when I  figured out that Thor must have been tonight's guardian.

    [21:55]  Threedee Shepherd: In brief, before we go, is there anything (or not) your current LoA state has to say about *self*?
    [21:55]  Adelene Dawner: what self?
    [21:55]  Threedee Shepherd: ^.^
    [21:55]  Adelene Dawner: here. now. good. patterns. pretty patterns.

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