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    The Personal Writings of Archmage Atlantis.

    General Comments

    This is my personal chronicle of my Play as Being experience.

    On being a newbee at PaB, one avatars experience.

    I'll need to go back and research my notes on when I first came to PaB. It was "word of text" from ppl I met in my initial Alexandria Novus project, but I can't remember the original date.


    1) On 1 AM SL Meetings

    Lately the 1 AM meetings have been relatively unattended. I understand this in the Americas, but in Europe and Africa, which run several hours later local time there, I wonder why that is.  I think this is especially puzzling for me, as my first friends in SL, at PaB, and on Facebook were from an Ireland/England/Germany/South Africa nexus.

    2) On Voice Sessions in SL

    I am stil having problems with voice and my PC equipment. I've purchased various mikes and headphones, but I can't get a reliable solution. Originally I would attend the session anyway, but it doesn't seem meaningful to go to a voice session without being able to use voice.

    The Event Horizon

    Science gives us a glimpse of how things work, it give no answers as to why.....Arch.


    Back to the Beginning

    I first came into second life when I read about it in a news magazine of the period, Time magazine I think, in late 2006.....The article I read talked about the promise of virtual worlds, and second life in particular, for academia and business sessions geared toward learning and sharing of knowledge.

    Of course, that was not what I found.....Like all human endeavors, it seems that in the early periods there has to be sexual attraction to generate interest, so the easiest thing to find was not what I was looking for from SL.

    Later, as my world changed, mostly due to a cluster of disabilities that were not in my life plan, I was forced to look at what my life might be about. Having no siblings, children, living parents, or close family, many of the usual portions of life's meaning to many was not immediately available.

    Somehow, over an extended period, the idea arouse that working to preserve the learning of humanity would be a fulfilling goal. So I returned to SL to, as I eventually wrote in an notecard, to build a new form of library.

    Alexandria Novus

     The notecard read:

    Alexandria Novus Project 2009-09-13

    Statement Of Purpose Of – The New Library of Alexandria in SL

    The ancient Library of Alexandria (~300 BC - early AD) was charged with collecting all written
    human knowledge. Its destruction was a severe loss to the perpetuation of that knowledge, and
    to the advancement of human understanding.
    Now, humanity’s store of wisdom and knowledge exists in numerous forms--books, art, music,
    and especially electronic media. This “wealth” could easily disappear, again causing a serious
    loss to civilization, unless measures are taken to preserve the availability of these materials in
    accessible forms for all time to come. While no longer accomplishable under one roof, current
    and future technology must be used to insure its continuous existence.
    The purpose of this “Alexandria Novus” project, The New Library of Alexandria, is to provide a
    focal point and gathering place where participants can come together to develop and carry out
    plans that will accomplish the goal of continuous preservation, propagation, and growth of the
    recorded record of the fruits of human intellect."

    The statement was composed by ThreeDee Shephard, based on our mutual conversations.

    Early foundation

    Having some funds at the time, I obtained a sim....ThreeDee built an building with convention rooms,  and Moon Fargis and Stargate Tone landscaped a beautiful garden surrounding the convention hall.

    My notes for moving forward at the time read ....."A leader for this project is vital.

    A leader should be someone with the insight and knowledge to bring together and lead a group in this effort. The leader is not a book collector or an artifact collector or a technician. Rather it is someone who has the knowledge and ability to not only find the people for this project, but to find the funding and resources that it will need."

    "Given minimal resources at the start, the initial group who are convened will have as a first order of business writing a compelling prospectus that will generate the funding that is needed to continue. It is possible that a paid "Executive Director" can support a volunter committee of experts to then move the project forward. Even if the experts give of their time freely, funds will be needed to carry our actual, concrete projects. The intent of those projects is to make the technology needed into a reality."


     5/27/2011 CE

    BCE and was a moment in time (with regards to Pema) where the world changed in the West (I'm sure that will require explanation some day).

    Used to be AD and BC.

    Rabbi Hillel lived in that broad time........perhaps this segment of writing is about the individuals who have most influenced me, though I am not a scholar of their works......I will list them now, as to remember, and later come back to see why I listed them.....some are quite well known, perhaps all, ......., I think I hear them as an observer, not as being here goes......Socrates, Luther, Calvin, Siddhartha, Hillel, Joseph Smith, Darwin, Galileo, Watson & Crick, and my idol, Gregor Mendel.

    5/30/2011 CE

    The Mantis arrives

    Today I saw my first Mantis on the window screen......Nature is coming back into balance.....soon I will see (I hope) my first black snake........Jerry stopped me yesterday to listen to the song of the birds....not the simple song, the complex one of, perhaps, the Mocking Bird......He has often pointed out the hammering of the pecker, the sound, not the view.......his eyes are weaker than mine, and mine are 20/300

    Koya M

    Koyaanisqatsi is a Hopi word which means "world out of balance...a state of life that calls for another way."

    Marie is of French origin. Variant of Mary (Latin) "star of the sea"

    The Avocado Ripens  5/31/2011

     OMG, I am watching Eat Pry Love, the utlimate chick flick, at 2 AM in the morning, oy ver


    6/24/2011 CE

    Summer Rains

    Finally, the rain is returning to Florida.......I actually am hearing the white frogs chirping like birds....those who survived the dry times must have been triggered into mating, so soon tadpoles, then tiny frogs everywhere.....I think that was Moses trick, he made the Pharoah believe that what is natural was unnatural.......anyway, I am glad to hear them singing again........I must admit that in the interim meeting bears and panthers was kinda cool.......Perhaps I could have recognized the earlier signs, especially the bobwhite, aka quail, twirling their distinctive song in the post mid-night nighttime......but even at my age, learning continues.

    Koya, Nimbus & Chester

    This is a difficult topic. 2 rl and 1 sl cat who all are responsible for life on this, did I say that....anyway 2 bengals and a tiger cub (nice thing about sl is one doesn't have to grow into an adult tiger *grin*)......I need to let this percolate a bit more before I can write it, tonight is the first time all 3 have seemed to "come together" (talk about old music *smile*).

    Sitting out the back

    Sitting on the lanai (though my Mom would call it the screened patio, my grandmother would call it the back stoop, and my ggrandmother would call it "out the back" as in to the outhouse....things sure can change in 110 years. *smile*

    The genesis of the backyard as another room in the house is an interesting study......still, it is not my intent here to talk about history, but about my first afternoon sitting out back, the piney woods of the proto-glades surrounding me, seeing a mocking bird fly by, watching my new Bengal Cat, Chester, watch me longingly through the patio door, while looking at books of Florida native and nativized plants, and pondering the modifications that i might execute to the perfection of nature that already surrounded me.

    Understanding the meaning of Hallejulah

    Return of the white frogs

    Well, 3 years and they have returned.......chirping like birds......and on the day Amy Winehouse got more attention on "in memoriam" than the 18 to 35 yo soldiers that does get confusing.


    8/03/2011 CE

    Tick Tock

    4 AM Eastern US time

    It is all right in front of us now....not just us humans, all of us.....animals, plants

    and those that are in between or beyond.

    Pay attention.

    Do not hide.

    Do not turn away.

    Blessings and Namaste

    Koya M

    Koyaanisqatsi is a Hopi word which means "world out of balance...a state of life that calls for another way."

    Marie is of French origin. Variant of Mary (Latin) "star of the sea".


    Arcangelo Corelli
    February 17, 1653 - January 8, 1713

    born in Fusignano, Italy, composed during the Baroque period

    One of the seminal figures of Baroque music, Arcangelo Corelli was the first master of the modern violin, and the predominance of that instrument in the music of the following three centuries is his technical and pedagogical legacy. He managed to extract from it a beauty of tone and singing lyricism that were previously unknown; these qualities brought him international fame, both for his own performances and for those of his many students who began to disseminate his techniques. It would not be an overstatement to say that the fundamentals of modern string playing -- including issues of both bowing and fingering -- descend directly from Corelli.

    Though he did not create the concerto grosso form, Corelli wrote the first significant compositions in the genre, laying the foundations for the achievements of Vivaldi, Handel, and Bach a generation later. The same can be said of his trio sonatas and solo violin sonatas, all of which show a greater stability of form and developed sense of harmonic progression than those of his predecessors. These compositions were influential not only because of their innovative use of form, terraced dynamics, and major/minor tonality, but also because they coincided with the flourishing music publishing industry in Italy; Corelli's fame and wealth led to the printing of nearly all of his works during his lifetime, and their wide circulation internationally. Indeed, composers and musicians studied his scores for many years following his death.

    Corelli was born in the town of Fusignano in 1653 to a wealthy family. The details of his early life are unknown, but he most likely began his musical studies with a local priest before moving to Bologna where he studied at the Accademia Filarmonica. No later than 1675 (but perhaps earlier), Corelli moved to Rome, where he began appearing as a violinist in ensembles formed for various religious and civic occasions.

    He soon emerged as one of the city's preeminent musicians and entered the service of Queen Christina of Sweden (the first of several influential patrons), who had established herself in Rome after abdicating her throne. Some of the young composers earliest works are dedicated to her, and were performed at her "academies." Following her death, Corelli entered the service of Cardinal Pamphili, who gave him a generous salary and a place to live; he would remain in the Cardinal's service until 1690, when the Cardinal left the city. Corelli's patronage was then assumed by the young (extremely young!) Cardinal Ottoboni, who had received his office through the intervention of Pope Alexander VIII, his uncle. This would prove extremely beneficial for Corelli, since his young employer quickly befriended him, paid him well, and was a great admirer of his music. Few musicians have ever enjoyed a more secure or lucrative relationship with a patron. In this position, Corelli achieved wide fame and extreme wealth, and upon his death in 1713 he was interred in the Pantheon. ~ All Music Guide


    12/26/2011 CE

    On Language

    One observation to add on language, the meaning and use of words for
    I am reminded of an old cliche that the British and the US Americans
    are two peoples separated by a shared language........I have found
    this be true even in the US between North and South, East and West,
    and various other groupings and subgroupings of people...,,To my
    perception, language is a blunt tool to express the complexity of any
    individual's personal reality.
    It is also my perception that as interactions between individuals
    across cultures, societies and continents is happening
    currently in general, and in microcosm in PaB....this phenomenon is
    exacerbated, even though "officially" all of our meetings are
    nominally in English.
    I know I have said things, both in writing and verbally, that I
    thought were acceptable, but that to another's perception were not.
    I don't think there is a blanket answer to the problem, after all the
    Tower of Babel is a very old story. I do think, personally, that
    accepting that another may be coming from a different perception helps
    Anyway, that is my two cents on the topic.

    January 18, 2012
       [01:02] Arch (archmage.atlantis): Hey buddy
    [01:03] Arch (archmage.atlantis): Long time no see
    [01:04] Arch (archmage.atlantis): You are aware that puppies are addressed as buddy in my country
    [01:04] Arch (archmage.atlantis) whispers: Hello
    [01:04] Arch (archmage.atlantis): Alfred
    [01:05] Arch (archmage.atlantis): What is making you sad?
    [01:05] PaB Listener Master: Archmage Atlantis has just claimed the session and will receive link to the log after the session is done. This replaces any previous claim.
    [01:05] PaB Listener Master: Atlantis
    [01:05] PaB Listener Master: Hello Archmage, the Autologging system has registered your e-mail address as "". You can change this by saying a new one on channel 17, e.g. "/17", or remove it entirely by saying "/17 clear".
     If you have problems or questions, send an IM to Wol Euler.
    [01:06] Arch (archmage.atlantis): Ok, so your rl self may be asleep
    [01:06] Arch (archmage.atlantis): So I will talk to myself
    [01:07] Arch (archmage.atlantis): about 1 hour ago, my rl cat, Chester woke up from a dream, an bit me in the neck
    [01:07] Arch (archmage.atlantis): Of course, that woke me up
    [01:08] Arch (archmage.atlantis): Now after an hour of calming, he's like totally passed out on the bed
    [01:08] Arch (archmage.atlantis): I love him
    [01:08] Arch (archmage.atlantis): I love this world
    [01:09] Arch (archmage.atlantis): A small nip on the neck will not change that


    Sessions List Update
    January 31, 2012

    "Hi all,

    A few personal notes on this topic.

    I appreciate being included as  "filling in" on the current single
    list. My personal medical and financial circumstance keep me from
    being a fully active participant. However,  PaB IS important to me in
    spiritual, social and intellectual ways. Thus, even though I do not
    manage to participate as fully as I wish I could, being a part of the
    PaB community is important to me.

    Having  a background in financial  and operations report system
    development and maintenance, I very much understand the difficulty in
    translating a fluid organizational environment into the more rigid
    classifications and logic structures required from a computer systems
    standpoint. This also givee me some unique insight into the high
    degree of maintenance required for any list of categories and

    For my own part, I would just like to express a great appreciation for
    those wonderful individuals who do the bulk of the maintenance on the
    systems and lists required to continue PaB as a living organization.

    I would also like to say how much I appreciate the contributions of
    those who contribute what they can, as well as those who remain in
    touch for that uncertain day when life permits a fuller level of

    Blessings and Namaste to each and all of you"

    04/24/2012 CE

    Bleu & Eliza -Although this quote is not "from the wiki", it does capture my sense of my personal journey in Play as Being"

    "When I was a teenager, I wished for world peace, but now I yearn for a world in which competing ideologies are kept in balance, systems of accountability keep us all from getting away with too much, and fewer people believe that righteous ends justify violent means." - Jonathan Haidt



    05/10/2013 CE

    The Singularity is here now. The twitterverse is the birth of the singularity.






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