Time of Fullness

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    1. 1. Notes

    The theme for today is Time of Fullness

    The height of summer.
    What we longed for
    in the cold inward days of winter
    has come to abundance.
    It's worth acknowledging and celebrating.

    We get to where we are
    by doing what we do well
    and through this practice
    and this process
    we gradually become
    the being that we are
    and this is what we know as life.

    Yet Life in the large
    moves around us
    and within us
    bigger than we know
    or can grasp.

    Yet what lies outside this holding,
    calling, inviting, reminding
    of its presence?

    The hand is already full
    of good things.


    1. There is a Zen story about a man who visited a Zen teacher who filled his teacup to overflowing.  Symbolising I believe more than one thing - that there was abundance, and that the man couldn't receive more when he was already full.
    2. In a Sufi story, Nasrudin lost his gold ring, which fell through a crack in the floor into the dark basement below.  Later he was found searching for it out in front of the house, "because the light was better there".  I suppose the basement was kind of dark and creepy. 
    3. A Taoist way of thinking is to see the complementary qualities or forces that go with the obvious and manifest.  So when things appear completely full, that is the time that the forces of "decline" are starting to move.  And the manifest fullness of one thing exists in relationship to some other quality that is minimized or invisible.  For example in the heat and activity of full summer, the relaxing and contemplative inward experiences characteristic of winter are for the time forgotten - an absence that nevertheless has an effect on the whole.
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