Parables and Proverbs

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    Quotes and Proverbs

    There's nothing to fear, except the fear of fear itself.

    A meme in the head is worth two in the bush.

    Love your neighbor - but don't get caught!

    The greatest gift you can give another is your authentic presence.

    The Paradox of Relationship

    I alone must become Myself
    I cannot become Myself alone

    The Centipede and the Toad

    The Centipede was happy, quite
    Until a Toad in fun
    Said "Pray, which leg goes after which?"
    This raised her mind to such a pitch
    She lay distracted in a ditch
    Considering how to Run.

    The Nature of Time

    Two Zen monks were discussing the nature of Time.

    Monk A:  See that flag rippling in the wind?  The flag moves, does it not?

    Monk B:  Maybe.

    Monk B:  I say, the wind moves.

    Monk A:  Maybe.

    Just then the Master came by, who had been listening to the conversation.

    Master:  No, you idiots!  It is the Mind that moves!

    Monk A and Monk B (in unision):  Maybe!



    A Way With Words

    A new monk walks into a temple....
    And is shown to his cell
    He asks to see the Master
    but is told
    "You must meditate!
    "You can only see the Master one time per year!
    "And then, you may only speak two words, so choose them carefully!"
    Consigned to this vow of silence, the monk returned to his cell to sit
    A year passed. He meets with the Master.
    "Young monk, do you have anything to say?" asks the Master
    He replies - "Bad Food!"
    and goes back to his cell to sit.
    A year passes
    He has another meet with the Master.
    "What have you to say?"  Asks the Master.
    He replies - "Hard Bed!" and then returns to his cell to sit.
    Another year passes.
    He goes yet again to meet the Master.
    "And what have you to say?"  asks the Master
    "Cold Tea!" says the monk.
    Then the Master finally speaks.
    "Young Monk! I'd like to suggest you consider a vocation as a Householder!"
    "Since you arrived here, you've done nothing but complain!"

    The Nature of Space

    A fellow from the city was driving around some country roads trying to find the little town of Aumsville.  Of course, he had a smartphone with GPS but it seemed to be "out of range."  He saw a farmer standing next to a red barn,  and stopped to ask for directions.

    City Guy:  Excuse me, is this the road to Aumsville?

    The farmer nodded.

    Farmer:   Could be.

    The city guy thought - I'll take that as a "yes" - and continued in the direction he was headed.  The roads were pretty curvy though.   The road signs were old, and some of them even had bullet holes in them.  After awhile he found himself back at the same place, and the same farmer was standing there.

    City Guy:  Sorry mister, I'm lost.  Is this really the road to Aumsville?

    The farmer shook his head from side to side.

    Farmer:  Could be.

    The city guy thought - I'll take that as a "no".  So he reversed his direction and headed the other way.  After not too long, however, he found himself  approaching the same red barn again, with the same farmer standing next to it.  The roads had looked different this time, but they often do when you're going the opposite direction. 

    City Guy:  (A bit tensely) Look, I hate to trouble you, but I really need to find my way to Aumsville.  Is this or isn't it the right road?

    Farmer:   That depends.

    City Guy:   Depends on what, may I ask?

    Farmer:   Depends on who.

    City Guy:  What depends on who?

    Farmer:  No, where depends on who.

    City Guy:  I'm confused.

    Farmer:  Look, feller - I hardly know you.  The way you have been skulking around, I have half a mind to give the Sheriff a call!  What's your business here?  Are you a salesman or a preacher?

    City Guy:  Well, that depends...

    Non-Action in Action

    Here's a beautiful little Taoist story told by Chuang Tzu

    A prince had a cook in his kitchen
    He went to visit one day
    The man was carving an ox
    It was a sight to behold!  He made it look so easy
    The prince asked for the secret of his mastery.  What is your method? he asked.
    The ox cutter says - method?  I have no method.
    When I first started, I would see the whole ox as a mass.  After three years, I no longer saw the mass - I saw the distinctions.  Now, though, I see nothing!
    Bad cooks hack - their knives get dull in a week.
    Good cooks chop - their knives get dull in a month.
    I've used this same knife for nineteen years - and never sharpened it once.  Its edge is as good as the day I got it.
    I approach the ox slowly, and let the knife find its own way.
    Of course, there are tough joints.  When I feel them coming, I slow down, watch closely, hold back, barely move, and suddenly, the joints fall apart just like that!
    And when it is done,
    I stand still...
    and let the joy of the work sink in.
    The prince marveled - my cook has shown me how to live my life!


    The Nature of Mind

    A man went to a psychiatrist.

    Man:  Doc, the problem is my brother.  He thinks he's a chicken!

    Doc:  He is obviously suffering from a delusion!  Why didn't you get help sooner?

    Man:  Oh, I would have!  But we need the eggs!


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