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    First, a quote shared by Eos:

    "If the meditator is able to use whatever occurs in his life as the Path, his body becomes a retreat hut."
    -Jigme Lingpa 


    From Email re a thread on metaphor:

    In fact, you could say that everything is Being, and when not
    recognized as such, becomes hidden as a metaphor.

    Something glorious appears, and hits us in an instant, in its naked thereness.
    Then we call it a bird, thereby dressing it up in a concept, a kind of metaphor.
    We shift from the Isness of the situation to the packaging.

    Appreciating the Presence of Appearance as such is an exploration of what
    it can be like to live without (i.e. see through the spell of) metaphors.



    From the Song of Enlightenment:

    Not supposing something is the Tathagata.
    This is truly called Kwan-Yin, the Bodhisattva who sees freely.
    When awakened we find karmic hindrances fundamentally empty.
    But when not awakened, we must repay all our debts.

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