2009.12.15 1400

    Minutes of Working Group Meeting


    The 6 members of the WG met by Skype (audio), initiated by Eos.

    In a meeting in which all printed agenda items were addressed the following discussion occurred:

    1) Fundraising and Donations

    As of this meeting the amount in donations and pledges is $3660.  It was agreed to wait til early February, after the Malta retreat to re-visit this issue.

    2) New Guardians

    The three potential guardians suggested last week, Geoff Bailey, Zen and Zon were approved.  Eliza will send out invitations to join the guardian group

    Potential new candidates: Agatha McBeth  and Aubeergine Mint have been frequent attendees to PaB sessions and it was felt important to perhaps consider them for guardiann after the New Year.  Also Liza Deicher, Repose Lionheart and Alice Draegonne may be considered in several weeks if their interest and participation continue.

    3) Theme Session Calendar: Pema mentioned his cotinuing listing of theme sessions, with the most recent at the top of the list: http://playasbeing.wik.is/Pab Theme Sessions  WG is asked to see if any further theme sessions should be added to the list.  Saki mentioned her theme session on Sustainability encouraging WG members to attend if possible.

    4) PaB Wiki Overhaul: The main emphasis at this point is on the backup and security issues re the wiki.  The email group formed by Piet, involving Mark, Calvino and Storm have questions out to Wol and Fael which need answering before any other issues can be addressed.  Piet will 'ping' Wol and Fael again.

    5) PaB functions:  Saki volunteered to try to outline a page which lists the functions of various PaB members including the WG.

    6) Different kind of Sessions/Emphasizing 'Pure play as being/applied playasbing"

    Considerable discussion suggested that this topic perhaps cut and pasted from the agenda be offered as a primer or pointer for the next guardian meeting Dec 20.  Maxine will put it up on the guardian email Friday.

    7) PaB Village: Saki and Tarmel will pursue a holiday party for the Village, either between Christmas and New Year or after the New Year.

    8)   Coordinator as Role Name: The term 'coordinator' was agreed upon to describe the roles of each of the six WG members.

    9)  Outreach: community gateway.  After discussion it was felt premature to consider offering PaB as a community gateway for SL, as more resources are necessary to have in place than the PaB community currently likely has to offer.  Consider revisitng this topic in 3-6 months.

     There was a quiet round of applause for having completed the agenda in the one hour time period.


    Respectfully submitted,

       Maxine Walden 

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