2010.08.17 14:00 Meeting Minutes

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    Present for this meeting were Calvino, Eos, and Eliza
    Eliza was minute taker

    1) Email / inworld discussions/decisions

    Two guardians to be invited Friday if no objections raised

    2) How we invite guardians (brought up by Eliza)

    "Why/How do we go through the Working Group to nominate a potential guardian?"

    -To avoid potential embarrassment, keeping the discussion of concerns or questions
    out of the main googlegroup. Some sense of trust 'from' the larger group that the WG
    will discuss and perhaps do background work of reading over sessions, etc. before
    nominating. Layers of attention. 

    -Perhaps this isn't understood well within the larger group and also there is no particular
    email address or channel for the group at large to specifically send their suggestions to.
    Concern about extent to which WG meetings are not necessarily asked about specifically...
    how best to keep the feedback loop going:  email group--> sessions--> guardian sessions--->
    WG---> email group, without overload.

    Feeling is expressed that there is "no rush" necessary, to invite someone who just shows
    up a few times.
    Agreement and also expressing that sometimes an invitation might stir greater interest in an
    interesting person to become more involved.

    *It will always be a matter of discernment.
    Still, an email could be sent to the group with a reminder of why these guidelines.

    ACTION: Note idea of an email to group, and to discuss again when entire WG attends the meeting.

    -People posting reports for Time sessions have access to Wiki, without becoming
    guardians necessarily.
    This brings up the question again of, as Eos used the expression in the guardian session
    "Finer Grained Permissiong" as when someone would like a non-guardian to collaborate with a
    guardian on an individual project on the wiki.

    "What does it mean to be a GOC?"

    -Helping to host the openness of conversation/ protect it to the extent it needs to be/keep topic in mind.
    (sense of this being a 'skilled and attentive' position rather than a role for someone who takes occasional
    -Access to email list and editing of the wiki
    -A neighbor in the village

    -Access to RL Retreats ((blending with item 5))

    -Retreats are evolving, with questions there also of 'finer grained permissioning" and being invited to
    participate in retreats which are a profound environment precisely because there is already familiarity
    within the group from participating in discussions /sessions online, etc.

    3) Donations status
    -Better to discuss with Storm present.
    July 11 last update showing that $340 of $800 needed for tier has been raised this quarter.
    "How can we make this process more visible?"
    -Mention of possible suggestions for cutting inworld costs

    4) Art of Being - Being Puzzled
    -Moved to September rather than August

    5) Retreats report
    -Small size just as good as big size for retreats
    In the case of a place like Windhorse with fixed costs, not enough people =not enough money.
    10 ideal or price will need to be higher next year.

    -Eos has outlined retreats for the following year
    Details: PaB Retreats
    -Micro meetings such as recent dinner in Cologne part of the evolution of PaB community
    -Corvi and Sharon organizing New Orleans, urban setting more of a challenge in some ways, as there is less
    distancing from day-to-day stressers however also dynamic.
    -If people are genuinely interested, Windhorse will be 2 weeks and perhaps a discussion could
    take place about playing with the boundaries of retreats in this kind of case, where one week could be
    "PaB SL community only" and another week "differently inclusive."

    6) The 9secs droplet app

    -Eos is testing a user page which allows guardians to "check in" when they are taking a PaB pause, also
    to see if others are participating at that time.

    -Discussion continues of the innate 'socialness' of people that desires to be able to wave accross the world,
    as in Twitter. Peer support and shared intention brought to focus by "a toy" of sorts. :)

    -Talk about snowglobes and ways to bring virtual PaB pavillion to RL and visa-versa. Eos describes
    sense of pause/snow/suspension.  ((snowglobe as totem))

    Cal: For some SL is an alternative to RL, an alternate world with new ways to be 
    Eos: It stretches you, or stretches whatever life you are in/also some parallels to spiritual practice
    -App not yet useable for Internet Explorer but Eliza is able to use it with Firefox

    Guardian Session Topics Page

    -to be made and Eliza will send link to, with weekly meeting announcement



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