07.20.2017 WG Meeting Minutes

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    Working Group Meeting Minutes - July 20, 2017


    Attending:  Stevenaia, Aphrodite, Bleu

    Not Attending:  Ewan, San






    1/  Stevenaia reported on Tier Donations for next year, July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018
    Donations are now enough for next year
    Steve will do a full accounting next month
    2/  Original Face Group
    Group is limited to 8 guardians ... 7 members presently
    Aph will put out an email to offer open space to anyone interested
    3/  Guardian role review
    Would be good to review the role of Guardians at PaB Sessions at next Guardian Meeting
    4/  Next Working Group meeting will be  August 17th, at 2pm SLT





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