We tag our chat logs to help draw out themes, and to weave and discern patterns over time. These tags can help us carve narratives out of the database of our growing archive.

    Considering the power (and limitations) of the existing full text search, our tags will be most useful if they synthesize ideas - summarizing conversations with concepts that may not appear verbatim in the text.  Also, overly general tags are not very useful, since, for example, everything on this wiki relates to 'PaB' in one way or another. Try to balance these opposing forces when tagging your chat logs.

    Proposed tagging guidelines:

    Please think about the following four thematic dimensions when deciding on tags for your chat logs. The vocabularies suggested below are just examples, and not intended to be comprehensive or rigid.

    Individual - External - Objective - Body - Behavioral

    meditation journal biking swimming   
    meditate violence driving sleeping   
    9-second meditation running scuba diving yoga   
    playing jogging dancing martial arts   


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    Originally written on 16:07, 19 Jul 2008
    This a wonderful and useful idea. But where should these tags be placed on the Logs? The only tag I am familiar with is the date tag...

    Is this part of what I would call the Title?

    Posted 16:22, 9 Apr 2010
    Originally written on 16:26, 19 Jul 2008
    they're placed with the same tool you use for date tag. just add more in the dialog.
    Posted 16:22, 9 Apr 2010
    Originally written on 18:31, 21 Jul 2008
    Thanks, Fael.

    Also, I added guilt to the first dimension, as that was pertinent to my last PaB.

    (Am I allowed to do that to your schema??)
    Posted 16:22, 9 Apr 2010
    Originally written on 06:25, 06 Sep 2008
    Note that tagging takes a while to apply: If you tag a page with e.g. "Identities" then change the tag to "Identity", then immediately click on that tag to search for other pages, the page you just tagged may not appear in the list.
    Posted 16:22, 9 Apr 2010
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