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    1. 1. Being in Time; Being as Time


    Call for entries: SL Photographs

    Being in Time; Being as Time


    (photo by Storm Nordwind)
    "Being in Time; Being as Time" - a photography exhibition, using SL 
    snapshots, depicting "being in/as time." 
    Project is inspired by Pema's Drop Day report: 
    q1:   playing as Being playing Time displaying all that seems to appear 
    q2:   all sounds, sights, feelings as Time, the magic fountain of moments 
    q3:   inviting thoughts to arise, but suddenly they seem so shy like children 
    q4:   what is?  what was, what will be?  is this it?  what is time? 
    Photos can be installed in the main plaza area of the PaB village 
    beginning June 7 on the exhibition walls (not yet installed) and should be 
    up by June 13. 
    Photos could comment on "being experienced 
    in/as time" captured as a moment in time or the relationship of being to 
    time and/or time to being. 
    - photos should be taken at the "640x480" size 
    - displayed on a 3 x 4 x .01m size prim.  
    - photos as originally captured in sl, no photoshop or outside SL effects.
    IM Bleu Oleander if you have questions or need help. 
    A "show and tell" theme session is scheduled for Monday June 21, 2PM SLT
    using the photos as inspiration for a discussion of the ideas presented. 
    happy being as photographer! 

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