Exploring the Magic of Time

    An Introduction to Play as Being

    by Pema Pera  (July 2010 -- June 2011)



    Part I.  A Working Hypothesis

    Chapter 00: Time

    Chapter 01: Awareness

    Chapter 02: Arising

    Part II.  Opening Up

    Chapter 03: Allowing

    Chapter 04: Appreciation

    Chapter 05: Presence as Time

    Chapter 06: Presence in Practice

    Part III.  A More Radical Approach

    Chapter 07: A Fork in the Road

    Chapter 08: Play as Being

    Chapter 09: Nothing Needed

    Chapter 10: Space, Time, Awareness

    Part IV.  Unconditional Living

    Chapter 11: Space

    Chapter 12: Time

    Chapter 13: Awareness

    Chapter 14: Being


    While this book is being written, we are conducting lively discussions and explorations every Friday morning at 6 am SLT in the PaB pavilion.


    In 2009, in preparation for writing the current book, Pema Pera wrote a preliminary introduction to Play as Being and engaged in a series of dialogues with Stim Morane and with Genesis Zhangsun.

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