2010/08/05 Eliza Madrigal

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    From a lodge called Juniper, nestled in an ancient forest, encircled by gardens and smelling of what might be lemon ginger, I write this report as also the exploration itself.

    Friends alighted in the candles they burn for others, take on the fragrance of the flowers they've picked. Bath water begins to flow and swirl into a Dream ... Being presenting an invitation toward immersion for one whose winding sentences continually spiral toward gentleness.

    Time and Again. Blackness absorbing us into the thick blankets of the night. Pounding hooves. Where am I? Where are the stars?  

    Deep Rest. Abiding. Behind me sits Stillness himself, with an ipad, wearing a t-shirt that says "Drop".


    Witness the winds, blowing through friends drawing out a path... short time/long time? Known by the Unknowing: Silence. 'Lost' as appearance. Ageless giggling in wonderment... Mushrooms can be that pink?

    Tall and thin is so huggable... a soft mossy tree that wraps around and around. Bright greens All sweetness and satisfactions. I knew her voice in her writing well ... bubbling brooks... music.

    Didn't we play together as children, climbing in the trees? Didn't we build tents and tell one another all our secrets? Didn't we make up secrets just to share... just to say "you are dear to me" ..?

    You Know, the lotus is just that way... he can't help but share it all... time and time and time.


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    SO beautiful and SO moving ((Eliza)). Your report brought tears to my eyes.
    Posted 14:48, 5 Aug 2010
    simply wonderful. thank you for sharing the wonder.
    Posted 16:52, 5 Aug 2010
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