2010/09/22: Bleu Oleander

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    "We make models in science, but we also make them in everyday life.  Model-dependent realism applies not only to scientific models but also to the conscious and subconscious mental models we all create in order to interpret and understand the everyday world.  There is no way to remove the observer - us - from our perception of the world, which is created through our sensory processing and through the way we think and reason.  Our perception - and hence the observations upon which our theories are based - is not direct, but rather is shaped by a kind of lens, the interpretive structure of our human brains."

    Stephen Hawking/Leonard Mlodinow, from "The Grand Design," 2010

    Reading "The Grand Design" this week, I found myself lost in contemplation many times.  "Appreciating the presence of appearance in the way it is given as Time" seemed to me to be my perception, not as perception of an independent Time, but as a model of Time that I interpret through the structure of my brain that agrees with my observations of the world.

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