2010.09.30: Maxine Walden

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    Presence at the portal....presence as the portal...of the unconscious realms

    This week, while quietly attempting to attend to presence, I kept glimpsing presence as being at or as the portal to or of the unconscious realms.  Admittedly vague, as definitions about the unconscious abound and often contradict, I would just like to try to note the experience of presence on the cusp of the vast, unfathomable internal mirror of the external cosmos, that region from which our dreams, dreads, and creativity so emerge, that region we can perhaps glimpse, but cannot really know.  Timeless time abounds, but linearity, and logic do not really relate to these realms. I am increasingly wondering whether Being resides or coheres at this portal.  Words are poor messengers of informers here...and also as I try to pen these notes.

    Still hopin to give a hint of these musings...

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