2010/10/14: Bruce Mowbray

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    For five minutes I play [that I am] (as) Being.


    I am fantasizing, but without intention to “create” anything – no art, no painting, no poem, no “truth,” no “wisdom.”

    I am not meditating; this is not vipassana. I am playing.  I am not aiming to attain any sort of mental state; I have no wish to transcend anything; I have no spiritual intentions.  I am not trying to make anything happen or make anything better.  I am not playing in order to feel playful.

    I am playing – not ritualizing, or fostering special effects, or seeking synchronicities, or augmenting my character/personality, or engaging in any sort of self-aggrandizement.

    Images, memories, ideas of all sorts appear and disappear in my play: none of them more “special” or “elevated” or “better” or “more spiritual” than any other – none prescribed by any sort of code, standard, guru, or teaching.  It matters not a bit which of them I “see” or if I see or remember any of them.

    I play without hope, desire, or purpose of gaining anything, or of growing, or of making things better, or of overcoming separation, or of anything at all.

    I play for the sake of the playing - and it is enough.

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