Retreat coordinator
    Genesis Zhangsun (sakibailey at gmail dot com)

    April 17 - 23, 2011 (arrive Sunday 17th, then 5 full days Monday thru Friday, and leave Saturday morning)


    Retreat Costs: Accommodations, Transportation, Food

    Venue: Casa Faustina, located 7 kilometers from Assisi, Umbria, Italy


    Retreat cost: $225 (payable via Play as Being Real Life Retreats page), plus 6 nights lodging + meals (all included) at:

      82 Euro per person per night in double room
    102 Euro per person per night in single room without private bathroom
    112 Euro per person per night in single room with private bathroom



    Casa Faustina is located 10km from the Sant'Egidio Airport in Perugia and is 10km away from the Assisi train station. There are no public transports that reach the agriturismo but a discounted taxi service is offered at 25-30€ one way and holds 6-8 people. Rome is 180km away and there are direct 2.5 hour train trips regularly scheduled from Roma Termini to Assisi. (from the Casa Faustina site)


    Genesis Zhangsun
    Mar Rodas
    Mickorod Renard
    Pema Pera
    Wester Kiranov

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