Avatars in the Forest

    Retreat Coordinator

    Eos Amaterasu (eosamaterasu at gmail dot com)

    Retreat Dates: July 17-23, 2011

     Start with dinner the evening of Sunday, July 17, then 5 full days, followed by departure on Saturday morning (July 23).

    Location: Nova Scotia, at Windhorse Farm, an hour south of Halifax. Windhorse Farm is a land-stewardship and sustainability demonstration site that includes an original growth forest with 600 year-old trees.


    Retreat Costs: Accommodations, Transportation, Food

    Cost for the retreat, including accommodations and food (all will be provided on-site), is $1000 (USD). Pay using the PayPal button at the Play as Being Real Life Retreats page.


    Bruce Mowbray
    Eliza Madrigal
    Eos Amaterasu
    Stim Morane
    Pema Pera
    Wol Euler

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