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    1. 1. Coordinator: Zen Arado

    Ireland RL Retreat, Summer 2012

    Coordinator: Zen Arado

    Dates: July 1-7 (tentatively, could also be last week in June)

    NB: I changed the date here since I understand we want to arrrive Sunday 1st and depart Sat. 7th, if this week is chosen? (The Sunday 1st July was only unavailable at the Europa Hotel) Zen

    Location: Belfast, Ireland. 

    Accomodations:    Likely at Carrickfergus Inn

    I went over to Premier Inn Carrickfergus in person this morning (16.01.2011) and got more details. The receptionist was surprised there was still availability of rooms first week of July since many Scottish visitors come here for pageants in Carrickfergus in July. Better availabilty is in last week of June.

    • All rooms same price. All rooms have double bed. Family rooms have extra single bed. Current price from website is £361 for 6 nights 24th June to 30th. £421 for 6 nights 1st July to 7th. Room only.
    • There are NO group discounts. This means everyone could make their own individual bookings from the website. No deposit required.
    • The receptionist made me aware of offers of £29 per night if booked about 5 weeks in advance. She also told me it is advisable to book rooms now and then try for reduced rate about 5 weeks in advance by cancelling and rebooking. (The £29 offer booking is not cancellable.)
    • The phone number given in the website is for the central chain of these hotels. I got the direct line to the Carrickfergus hotel - much bettter to use that. It is +44 (0) 28 9335 6420


    Some local attractions:



    http://www.giantscausewayireland.com/ This is probably the most popular tourist attraction in N.Ireland. About 60 miles from Carrickfergus, but possibly a taxibus could be organised.

    Belfast is only 11 miles away and accessible by bus or train (or taxi, not that expensive if sharing)


    There is a cinema 5 minutes walk from hotel and a variety of restaurants.

    Local theatres. Their programmes only go as far as May so far:




    Pema Pera

    Wol Euler

    Zen Arado

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    Note that this retreat didn't ultimately take place, as those who could make it were rather few. edited 11:04, 6 Apr 2018
    Posted 11:04, 6 Apr 2018
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