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    My alt (who shall be nameless) twittered the retreat.


    Jan 24:

    Snowing again, good gods. Hope I can get away tomorrow morning :-/

    Packed, but for things I'll use tomorrow morning. Next tweet from Malta, gods and terrorists willing.


    Jan 25 (first day):

    Flight cancelled, rebooked for this evening. Six hour layover in FFM.
    #damnandblast #twoinchesofsnowandthecountrygrindstoahalt

    I'm in Malta! 10.5 hours late, but hey, who's counting?


    Jan 26 (second day):

    First day of Malta retreat: cold wind, happy places, prehistoric wheel ruts, the sea, seeing Being, almond cookies, pizza & wifi & beer.


    Jan 27 (third day):

    Orange squash + water:
    Summer of my eighth year, in
    Grandmother's kitchen.
    #haiku #cheat #memory

    ............................ (silent day)


    Second day of Malta retreat: sunshine, silence, 2 kinds of almond cookies, pumpkin soup, walking, cacti, bamboo, TSK, tea, much napping.


    Jan 28 (fourth day):

    Third day: questions better than answers, free the dog, Punic caves, ice cream at the cliff, hugging Maria, sweet potato soup, the long Now.


    Jan 29 (fifth day):

    Insomnia on Malta is not significantly different to having it at home. At least it got me up in time to see a rainbow over the park.

    Fourth/last day of Malta retreat: responding (not reacting), walking down, words of one syllable, om ma ni pe me hung, rain.

    Church bells in Valetta at 6:30. Shabbat shalom, my dears.


    Jan 30:

    Politics at breakfast,
    watching their hands shake as their
    voices remain calm.
    #haiku #peacestartswithinus

    Time to go! Hopefully no delays on the way home.

    Half hour delay in Malta, but at least there's free wifi.

    Home, nearly on time. Dinner, a quick trip to SL to check IMs, then bed.




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