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     Some photos from the April 2010 San Francisco urban retreat.



    Saturday the 17th Pema and Eos had lunch with friends at restaurant near Hotel Kabuki, and were joined by the Cherry Blossom Queens (turns out the retreat starts off with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival).


    Cherry Blossoms near Hotel Kabuki, during Cherry Blossom Festival, Sunday 18th.



    The Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption and cancellation of European flights has had a huge effect on this retreat: Wol and Gaya's flights were cancelled, and they could not come. On the other hand, Genesis, whose flight back to Italy was postponed, has been able to attend some of the retreat.


    SF2010ElizaGenesis.jpg SF2010EosPema.jpg

    Eliza, Genesis, Eos and Pema wandered into Golden Gate Park, where by coincidence crowds gathered to celebrate 420 Day.



    Tuesday night we went to a nearby Jazz club and heard a Blues band, fronted by Edna Love (above, with Genesis). 



    Pema and Stim in conversation, just before the group went to watch Avatar in 3D. 


       The Gang of Five



     On a walk close to the Golden Gate Bridge


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    The Gang of Five
    359.57 kB20:48, 5 May 2010eosActions
    Eos, Genesis, Pema, Eliza by Golden Gate Bridge
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    Genesis with jazz singer Edna Love
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    Eliza and Genesis at Golden Gate Park, 420 Day
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    Eos and Pema at Golden Gate Park, 420 Day
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    Eliza, Pema, Genesis by Golden Gate Bridge
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    Pema and Stim in conversation
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