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    As always, I reported each day on Twitter.


    Day -1 (July 31):

    Preparing for the 30 hour train trip to Halifax, for a week of meditation.


    Day 0 (August 1)

    Settling in to the #PlayAsBeing retreat near Halifax. Just had dinner, now all sitting and Internetting in a circle. #happy


    Day 1 (August 3)

    Day 1 of retreat: zen of forest, lucid, describing SL, zen of food.


    Day 2 (August 4)

    Day 2: dawn chorus, diamond sutra, the is-ness of all that is, spider mind, the indifference of the universe.


    Day 3 (August 5)

    Day 3: Unpacking TSK: dancer, stage, audience; body, speech, mind; aural mosquito; "Inception"; birthday; inner age and ageing body.


    Day 4 (August 6)

    Day 4: silent day, lost in the woods, taking the sounds home, stuffed mushrooms, dreams, rain, enoughness.

    Now #xkcd is channeling the #playasbeing retreat: http://xkcd.com/776/

    … and an apt note from the @savagechickenshttp://www.savagechickens.com/2010/08/perspective.html

    … and a remarkably prescient comic about dreams and identity from @wondermarkfeed http://wondermark.com/644/


    Day 5 (August 7)

    Day 5: dreams; time in SL and RL; Kami temple; other teachers, other retreats; renunciation, transformation, self-liberation.


    And now for a few relevant tweets from the week after:


    August 8

    Halifax airport w 2 hrs before my flight, watching the shops close. It was a marvellous time, I am both happy and very sad. #playasbeing


    August 9

    Home! Exhausted and jittery after 31 hrs on the (air)road. Trying to stay up until local bedtime: work tomorrow.


    August 10

    Some bits of my old life are back, others not. Cars seem normal, but I've heard no music in weeks. Switched off my iPod on the way home.

    After a week of fresh, pesticide-free, organic food, this really resonates. http://tinyurl.com/28oq32h #toomuchofourfoodispoisonouscrud

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