Retreat reports: Stuttgart 2010

    We will be discussing the retreat at a theme session (7am on October 23). Participants are encouraged to create their own reports, in whatever format seems appropriate, and attach* them to this page.



    * By "attach," I mean "create a new page as a child of this one and write your report in it." The list above will automatically update itself to include your report.


    PaB Sessions with retreat participants (of the four times)

    Oct 17 08:00 Guardian Meeting (Eos)

    Oct 17 13:00 Toward Halloween Retreats (Yaku, Eos)

    Oct 19 07:00 Tuesday Morning (Yaku, Bert)

    Oct 19 17:00 Phreatic Being (Eos)

    Oct 20 07:00 Yaku talks a little about the Retreat (Yaku)

    Oct 21 13:00 recipe to the nature of reality (Wol, Eos, Yaku, Lia)

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