Wol's retreat tweets (Halifax 2011)

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    It's become a personal tradition to tweet the retreats, (usually) one entry per day. The discipline of compressing everything into 133 characters is sometimes frustrating but always worthwhile.


    Day -1, July 16:

    "Wallace & Grommit vs Wererabbit" inflight; arrived in Halifax; early dinner with Pema; sleep!


    Day 0, July 17:

    sushi pizza; what not to say to Customs & Immigration; fish chowder; silence at night.


    Day 1, July 18:

    causality; refuge as opening-out not focussing; emptiness ~= boundlessness; meta-Mecca; "dharma gate in every blade of grass"


    Day 2, July 19:

    Basic Goodness, trust, refuge; forest walk: feeding mosquitos, feeling rain; letting yourself be seen by TSK. Tomorrow: silent day.


    Day 3, July 20:

    loons calling all night; silent day; being seen by woodpeckers; the constant inner monologue; recognizing the gem; love takes over.


    Day 4, July 21:

    Hero vs hero; bodhisattva as hero; doormat or bridge; diligence; "perfectly manifested dogness"; "that was never 3 minutes"; doubt.


    Day 5, July 22:

    Dzogchen/Mahamudra; post-fruition; ordinary mind; sharing, not teaching; play within boundaries or playing with them. Sad.


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